How to issue the site in front of the house

How to issue the site in front of the house

The part of the territory which is just before entrance to the dwelling performs several important functions at once. First of all, this area serves as the special business card of the owner.

The site in front of the house is capable to tell a lot of things about the owner. Besides, it differentiates zones and protects the building from street noise and dust. That is why it is necessary to show consideration for its arrangement enough. Projecting landscaping before the building, it is necessary to show surely the imagination though it is worth noticing that you should not be fond of the ideas too strongly as the house adjoining area has to be in harmony with architectural features of the building. Besides, it is necessary to know the basic principles at design of the garden territory and also the rule of the choice of plants for such territory.

Sizes of the house adjoining front garden

Traditionally landscaping which is carried out in front of the house and also the choice of plants for improvement of this area depend directly on site width. The scale of the front garden and the amount of plantings also have to correspond to the building. Ideal option will become the front garden before the building which occupies the territory about 2/3 heights of the building, and bushes which are located at wall, completely close the top edge of the available socle. It is also necessary to know that the garden site should not be at all flat as its silhouette is also dictated by architecture of the dwelling. General "relief" of the site where flowers are planted, has to decrease to path, unostentatiously directing the visitor to the entrance. Where there are no windows, it is necessary to plant rather high plant.

Color registration

Important question in registration of the house adjoining front garden plays color scheme. In this case it is necessary to play on change of contrasts so that plants could not merge with background, namely with building wall. Near the dwelling from original natural stone it is not necessary to have bright ingates. If there is gloomy building, then registration by light and joyful flower bed will only brighten up it. Making out house adjoining the site, it is necessary to choose rather permanent and stable decorative plantings capable to maintain cold weather. Besides, it is necessary to remember that use of decorative elements what flowerpots, flower boxes and baskets are, is capable to look and decorate steps well. Also they can be located along path or to be involved in vegetable compositions. All these decorative elements will help to equip in the best way territory landscape before the dwelling.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team