How to issue the small hall

How to issue the small hall

Guests receive the first impression of the apartment at the entrance, and therefore do not turn your tiny hall into the box hammered with bags, footwear, outerwear, boxes of unclear assignment and bulky cabinets. And the smallest room can be really cozy and elegant.


1. Most often the narrow small hall to which there are doors of kitchen, toilet and the bathroom meets. In this case you should forget about installation of sliding wardrobe. At all the convenience this thing - not for you.

2. Have storing places above the line of look. Make the long closed regiments under ceiling. Let they will be painted light soft shades. Surely provide convenient doors. Do not create classical Soviet mezzanines of one and a half meters in depth. All the same nobody knows that he disappears in their subsoil. Ideal depth of shelves – 40-50 cm. It is enough to place huge number of things on storage, and the hall will seem more.

3. Transforming furniture – the ideal choice for small rooms. The mirror behind which the locker for any trifles is, banquette in which care products behind footwear are stored, – will make your hall comfortable and cozy.

4. Visually to expand hall volume, use mirrors. Make one wall completely mirror if there is no such opportunity, be limited to big floor mirror. The reflected light will do your hall of rooms lighter and spacious.

5. One of main rules of decorators – not to use large and bright elements in close rooms. Refuse wall-paper with the large drawing and dark bulky furniture in retrostyle. The best choice - monophonic light wall-paper and easy modern furniture.

6. For the small hall the cabinet furniture with deaf doors is contraindicated. Ideal option – open hanger for clothes and curbstone under mirror. The modern furniture industry offers the huge choice of similar sets.

7. It is very important to provide good lighting in the hall. The dim bulb will turn the small hall into the real cave. Add good valance lighting with separate illumination for mirror. If you have hung up any picture in the hall, it is possible to add the lamps directed to it.

8. The close room - not the place for decorating delicacy. Unusual design things demand sufficient space to prove to be in all beauty. The only thing, than it is possible to decorate the hall of the small size, - etching or interesting reproduction. Avoid semi-antique massive frames.

9. The close hall often seems to smaller because of huge number of the various trifles lying where it is only possible. Place holders for umbrellas, hooks for bags and shelf for the necessary trifles to wall near mirror. It you will save a little place and will get rid of disorder.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team