How to issue the storeroom

How to issue the storeroom

In any apartment there will be mass of things which need to be stored somewhere. It can be seasonal clothes, footwear, banks with pickles and jam, residues of construction materials which will sometime be useful the vacuum cleaner and many other things. The storeroom will help to solve problem of storage of all this good.


1. Be engaged in registration of the storeroom during apartment renovation. Thus you will not need to buy separately finishing materials (any remains will be put to use) and once again to dissolve dust and dirt.

2. Any niche which is available in your apartment or the house will be suitable for placement of the storeroom: the place under ladder, part of corridor or the room.

3. Process walls primer with antibacterial effect, thus you will avoid emergence of mold and fungus. It is the best of all to make wiring buried. If in future storeroom there are pipes, then replace rusty or worn-out with new and if they still can serve, then peel from them the old paint.

4. Paint walls with aqueous emulsion ink of light tones. Such paint has no smell, pretty fast dries and that the most important, it is possible to wash it. And light tone will visually expand space. For putting paint use the fur or foam roller. Paint pipes in tone of walls.

5. On the one hand establish rack with regiments. Attach couple of bars or collect metal framework, and to it, in turn, attach regiments. Pay attention that regiments have to be quite deep. Rationally to use the place, make angular regiments.

6. For production of shelves use plywood, fibreboard or chipboard, it is possible to use also regiments from old cabinet or wall.

7. From the opposite side place crossbeams for outerwear, it can be got in shop of accessories for the fitted cupboards.

8. That in your storeroom there was always order, and things lay on the places, spread out trifles on boxes which sign. Thus you will not need a lot of time for search of the necessary thing.

9. It is the best of all for door to put sliding, it you will save space. Or close aperture curtains or the Roman curtains or blinds in tone of walls of the room.

10. Think over lighting of the storeroom. Install dot lamps and illumination of shelves by means of fluorescent lamps.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team