How to issue the writer's office

How to issue the writer's office

Creative people need the special place where they can create. However, cases when geniuses wrote literally on napkins in restaurants are known, did sketches of future masterpieces in dark rooms, and then their names became legends. It happens, but nevertheless if to speak about creativity, then this process requires the cozy comfortable place.

What can be design of office of the writer

It is difficult to give accurate definition what has to be the writer's office as taste at all people different. However it is possible to allocate some directions and common features.

Most of writers are people free, attentive to parts. As a rule, they love unusual forms and bright colors. To it there has to correspond also the design of office. If the room big, then it it is necessary to separate into zones by means of furniture, bookcases or aquarium. For example, to separate zone with work table from zone with sofa and the stereosystem. If space small, then you do not encumber it with any excess parts.

LoftMebel it is possible to use the loft in style, i.e. to combine natural materials with artificial: steel and tree, plastic and textiles. It is worth experimenting also with form, having put, for example, chairs with concave backs, dressers in the form of cube, unusual chairs in the form of flowers. Color of furniture is selected rather bright, but moderately. Walls in this case become under "brick". ModernTem who loves more reserved style once you look narrowly at such direction, modernist style (modern classics). Here too freedom, asymmetry and reserved chaos, but forms and combinations softer prevails. So, the office of the writer can be filled with floating lines, and in situation the stone and porcelain, metal and the glass will adjoin. Furniture in this case should be chosen with vegetable ornament, to cover walls with special decorative plaster, and to make floors split-level. In flowers of this style the muffled quiet gray-blue shades, lilac or pearl gray tone, as a rule, prevail. Art dekoyeshche some interesting styles for the room of creative nature - Artdeco, it also perfectly is suitable for registration of office of the writer. In this case black-and-white photoprints, decorative painting, decorative stickers and wall-paper can hang on walls. Furniture for this style should be picked up rounded shape. Besides, installation of ellipse niche from gypsum cardboard for books, the stereosystem or aquarium will become the good decision. The color scheme in the writer's office in style of Artdeco can be any, but the contrast dark and light, for example, combination gray with blue, chocolate with beige predominates nevertheless. The office can be decorated with various pictures, photos, accessories — they will be one more source of inspiration. The tenacious look of the creative person can catch new plot in usual things. Of course, it is worth to remember about books. In office of the writer there can be so many books how many it will want to it — any forms, the sizes and flowers of cover. Whatever the design of office of the writer was, one more condition for fruitful work — silence is necessary. For this purpose walls will be useful to upholster with sound-absorbing material, and on floor to put soft carpet with big pile.

Desk - the main part of interior

Special attention should be paid to work site arrangement — desk. It has to be rather wide to contain the computer, the printer, shot glass of papers and various office supplies. Everything has to be in limits of outstretched arm. Lighting over desk should be organized so that light was not closed by body or the head during the letter. However it is impossible to put the direct luminous sources arresting directly attention.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team