How to issue toilet

How to issue toilet

Very often it turns out so that the toilet in the apartment represents small and dark room. Though if desired it is possible to make the real treasure of it. Therefore, making out design of all apartment, it is very important to take care and about interior of the toilet room – it has to be comfortable and practical.

It is required to you

  • - construction and finishing materials;
  • - plumbing;
  • - toilet accessories.


1. At registration of toilet, it is important to take care of the correct lighting. It is possible to receive good lighting not only by means of lamps, but also thanks to correctly picked up color gamma of the room. If there is dim lighting and walls are issued in gray tone, then the toilet will seem very small.

2. Of course, each toilet cannot be provided without qualitative toilet bowl and tank. From the decorative party – the built-in drain tank looks more accurately. Its upper surface can serve as the shelf for various accessories. Also, in the toilet room it is possible to arrange small sink for washing.

3. For finishing of surfaces of walls in toilet, most often use ceramic tile. Such material is quite universal and does not demand special skills and expenses for leaving. The plastic panels imitating different structures of tree or marble are very popular now. Big advantage of such panels is quite easy and fast installation.

4. Besides the capital equipment, for registration of toilet will be necessary – the holder for paper, mirror, hanger for towels, air freshener and various magazines.

5. In what style the interior of the toilet room will be issued, completely depends on imagination and preferences of the owner. Choosing color and texture of materials for registration of toilet, it is necessary to lean on the esthetic presentiment, then everything surely will turn out.

6. It will be very good to look suspended toilet bowl, but such models most often have the built-in tank that approaches not all toilet rooms. The toilet can be quite optimum room for hanging out in it playful registrations. Therefore, having armed with the imagination, it is possible to create the real masterpiece which will surprise and will please all guests.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team