How to issue verandah

How to issue verandah

There is no place in the summer evening better, than on own verandah. This room connects the house and the nature, gives you the sun and clouds, flight of bumblebee and jasmine scent. The verandah can be opened or glazed, big or small. Find application for the skillful hands and violent imagination to make cozy corner where it is possible to sit all family over a cup of tea of this room.

  • - houseplants;
  • - supports;
  • - wicker furniture.

1. Of course, a lot of things at arrangement of verandah will depend on its size. But also the small room can be turned into zone of comfort and cosiness. If your verandah open, glaze it, then you will be able to use it and during bad weather.

2. At good lighting it is possible to arrange winter garden here. Plants arrange on racks, picturesquely place wooden or ceramic pots on floor, suspend cachepot to ceiling beam. The natural stone, wooden penechka and the varnished branches can serve as decorative parts of such verandah.

3. Pay attention to stylish shod and wooden products which can be used as support under flowerpots. It various sizes of the cart, easels, bicycles and other interesting bagatelles. It is better to use furniture wattled, graceful, with small dimensions. Dress pillows for sitting in bright color pillowcases which can be changed.

4. On floor lay mats from natural material or self-made rugs, knitted from rags. At arrangement of verandah you can use the creative imagination and safely experiment with objects and materials. Here ridiculously deliberately roughly nailed together shops and print curtains with ruches will not look.

5. Of course, the situation of verandah has to be combined with the general image of the house. For style hi-tech is required to you other furniture and home decoration. Aluminum window frames, strict blinds, he is lame and has flown down just for decoration – nothing superfluous. Deliver couple of low couches with upholstery from leather or substitute. Decorate walls with posters with monochrome pictures or just steel framework and figures. Such verandah well will be suitable for the device of office in it.

6. If at you the exit to verandah goes from kitchen, arrange the room as the dining room. Round table in the center and the orange lamp shade over it will give the home warm atmosphere to the room. If to warm verandah, you with pleasure will use it and in the winter.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team