How to issue walls in the apartment

How to issue walls in the apartment

The renovation at most of people takes place according to the traditional scheme: deleting of old wall-paper, plaster, putty and sticker of new wall-paper. But there are so many opportunities to give to walls new look that it would be strange not to use them.


1. Walls can be covered with flock, decorative plaster, to fit fabric, to paint with paints with special effects and it not all.

2. The Flokovy covering is used for dressing of sites of walls or small walls for giving to identity interior. Flocks have the various invoice and texture, for example, of asterisk, straws. Flocks apply on wall by means of special gun on in advance prepared surface. From above flokovy covering finish varnish.

3. To paint wall – the banal invention would seem, but if at the same time special paints are used, then the wall will look absolutely differently. There are paints which glow in complete darkness, there are such which shine in fluorescent light. It makes sense to make such registration in the bathroom, table. Paints apply on wall in the drop way, at the same time colors do not mix up, but form equal multi-colored pattern on wall. Also for putting paint it is possible to use impressive rollers, sponges and so on.

4. Decorative plaster provides putting special mix on wall with the subsequent invoicing of surface. Before covering wall with plaster, apply primer of deep penetration on it. The decorative coat is put from one border to another. If wall big, then at first layer from below from wall to wall, then above and so on. In the middle it is impossible to finish work, otherwise emergence of ugly seams is inevitable. Until plaster has dried, it is given special texture. It can be volume drawings, waves and so on. The putty can give texture by means of film. For this purpose on the plastered surface paste sheets of film, without pulling, and then immediately form beautiful folds. Then the film is left on wall before full drying of plaster. Then it is removed, and the wall is painted. That the relief of the drawing was shown, at first apply light paint, and over it more dark. Then the wall is wiped with clean white rag. The beautiful impressive wall will turn out. It can give bigger luster, having applied on convex parts of a little nacreous translucent paint.

5. Walls in the small room can be issued as follows. To apply textured plaster on all wall, having left the smooth place which will become "window" in the middle. It is possible to fence off this zone by means of painting adhesive tape. Upon termination of works, the adhesive tape is removed before plaster drying that the equal border has turned out. Then after drying and painting of wall, it is necessary to insert pictures with the image of the beach, city, the word of all that you want to see behind "window" into these windows.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team