How to keep bulbs and rhizomes of flowers before disembarkation in soil

How to keep bulbs and rhizomes of flowers before disembarkation in soil

Flower growers often stock up with planting stock in advance and  not for nothing. One of advantages of early purchase — opportunity to get rare grade or plant of which dreamed long ago, without haste and turns which usually "reign" in the garden centers and shops during season. However, often inexperienced flower growers face problem how to keep the bought rhizomes and lukovichka before landing to the open ground.

Features of the choice of planting stock

Colourful labels on packings with vsemozmozhny bulbs, rhizomes and shanks of flowers and attract amateur flower growers to buy any given plant. Very important it will not be flattered on these promises, and to attentively examine package contents. Pick up packing and investigate contents, and ask the seller to show it to you even better.

Tubers and bulbs have to be elastic. On them there should be no specks, decay and mold. In February-March on rhizomes and on bulbs of lilies there are already small white backs, on escapes and on rhizomes - the bulking-up kidneys.

After you have chosen qualitative planting stock, have got it and have brought home, it is necessary to take care of how to keep it before disembarkation to the open ground.

Sokhraniye of planting stock

If packing whole, in it is enough filler, then it is possible not to pull out backs, and to put them in such view of the lower shelf of the fridge. It will prevent undesirable growth. Thus it is possible to keep rhizomes of bearded irises, astilba, rodzhersiya, to host, bergenia and other unpretentious plants.

In case packing is broken, take out sapling, rhizome or bulb, wrap material in moss sphagnum or several layers of the newspaper. In plastic bag make openings, put in it wrapped up backs. It will detain moisture in rhizome and will interfere with fungal diseases, besides will also stop undesirable growth. At the same time it is not necessary to humidify plants. Put packages on the lower shelf of the fridge where temperature does not exceed 5 degrees or it is possible to spread out them in the subfield.

Some plants cannot be stored in cold. These are chrysanthemums, gentians, brunner, primroses, that is plants from gentle superficial root system. They can be landed in friable substrate and to put on the window coming to the East is closer to glass. If the windowsill is located over the battery, then cover it with damp fabric.

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