How to keep garden radish for the winter

How to keep garden radish for the winter

Garden radish – the juicy, quickly ripe vegetable having sharp taste and unique antiviral qualities. In May the radish can be broken from bed and to use in food. It is especially good in vegetable okroshka, snack and salads. But how to make that the garden radish was stored as long as possible and pleased with the taste for long winter days?


Just broken, fresh garden radish spoils if to leave it on table, in the open air. The thin skin dries and grows coarse, and juicy, white pulp instantly loses the properties – juice disappears from vegetable, pulp turns yellow, and emptiness in which insects wreckers find haven are formed. Therefore, just broken radish needs to be used at once for designated purpose. It is very important to water daily garden radish and to watch condition of tops of vegetable. The first sign to harvesting the - the faded, sluggish leaves.

If it is rare to water vegetables, then pulp will be dry and will lose characteristic sharpness.

Favorable time for collecting – early morning. Choose only the whole fruits of the average size, without signs of rotting, wormholes, dents or damages.

The spring garden radish is not suitable for long storage. Therefore, stock up with seeds for August.


Surely use plastic bags if have decided to keep vegetables in the fridge. The radish with tops of vegetable needs regular wetting if you want to remove leaves, then do not cut off them scissors, and break off stalks hands, having left small tails. Vegetables have to be clean and dry. But even in this case, depending on grade, storage life in the fridge is reduced from 7do14 days.

The package can be replaced with glass capacity. Lay on bottom banks the cellophane, wetted in water, place vegetables there and densely close to bank. That damp evaporations did not gather on walls, put inside couple of napkins. The napkins impregnated with water replace new as required.

If the harvest was successful also garden radish much, lay it in wooden boxes, sprinkle with sand or sawdust. The best place for storage of large volumes – cellar. The main thing to remove in time the spoiled fruits that the others have not deteriorated. In cellar temperature is not higher than 0 degrees that will give essential benefit in several months.

How to store garden radish in the dried look? Cut vegetables rings, take in boiled water with salt water no more than 2 minutes and send to dry in oven for 50 minutes at temperature of 50 degrees. Such way prolongs lezhkost up to 2 months. It is impossible to freeze garden radish. Already at temperature of-10 degrees it loses juice and all the qualities, and at defrosting is similar to shapeless, tasteless gruel. If you choose large fruits, be ready that they will quickly deteriorate because of fibrous structure. Taste at large grades often not such saturated, as at averages.

The garden radish – whimsical vegetable also has the nuances. The slightest fluctuation of temperatures – risk that storage life will significantly decrease. But, you should not despair. Try, and everything will turn out!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team