How to keep harvest in the apartment

How to keep harvest in the apartment

In the fall the most important question for gardeners is storage of the reaped crop. It needs to be kept till spring that all winter to enjoy summer vitamins. The option of storage of harvest at the dacha is possible, but on condition that you visit the dacha all winter at least on weekends. And those who live in the country only during the summer period are forced to equip the balconies and storerooms for harvest.


1. The main rule for all reaped crop is not to wash. It is not necessary to wash away absolutely fruit and vegetables if they are intended for storage. Fruits which are grown up on kitchen garden are covered with the thinnest film – cuticle which does not allow bacteria to get inside. When harvesting try not to damage vegetables and fruit, otherwise they will deteriorate for few weeks.

2. Collect tomatoes and sweet pepper still green. Spread out them in cardboard box in which separate each layer the paper or the newspaper. Put box in the dark space for table or cabinet. Once a week look through fruits, ripe pull out and eat. In such a way vegetables will be stored about two months. Pepper and tomatoes can also be frozen and used already for preparation of hot dishes. Unfortunately, the frozen vegetables do not suit for salads.

3. Potatoes are stored in the dark cool place. Collect potatoes which have dried in the sun in wooden boxes, without mixing grade. It can be stored in the storeroom or in the stairwell if it is admissible. On the balcony it will freeze and will be sweet. It is possible to use the Finnish storage technique of potatoes. For this purpose potatoes are cleaned from lumps of the earth and stack it together with the dried-up peat dust in boxes. This species of moss can be collected in the marshy forest near giving. At such way the bactericidal property of moss will save potatoes from rotting.

4. Cabbage has to be stored, without adjoining to surface. It means that it is necessary either to paper it, or to suspend for fruit stem. In the conditions of the apartment it is convenient to wrap heads of cabbage in the newspaper and to store on the balcony before the onset of cold weather. Then it is worth bringing to the storeroom, or to balcony door. Do not forget that paper absorbs water, and it needs to be changed periodically.

5. Carrots can be stored in several ways. The first way consists in peresypka of vegetables with sand and ashes. Such box can quietly stand on balcony, but covered with something warm. In severe winters it is worth bringing after all carrots home not to be left without harvest. In the same way it is possible to store beet and turnip. The second way will help to endure also cold weather. For this purpose collected carrots are dipped into smetanoobrazny solution of clay, allow to dry and stacked in boxes. Clay will not allow microbes to reach pulp and will keep carrots fresh till spring. The third storage technique of small harvest of carrots is possible in banks. Before laying carrots are washed and disinfected potassium permanganate solution. Store in the fridge in densely closed bank or in package.

6. Onions are peeled from lumps of the earth and dried several days. Then stack in the aired boxes and leave at home. On the balcony this vegetable will freeze even in insignificant frosts. Boxes with onions have to stand in the dry dark place where air temperature is not higher than 18 degrees.

7. Garlic can be dried together with stalks and to braid in braids. To suspend in the cool place in the storeroom or in kitchen. Also garlic can be "preserved". For this purpose it is necessary to clean it from peel and to fill in with vegetable oil. In such look garlic perfectly remains, and oil gains spicy aroma.

8. Greens of fennel, parsley and celery and also onions and garlic arrows can be dried in oven on low temperatures. They are stored at the room temperature.

9. Apples can be kept for several months. For this purpose choose the fruits broken independently, but not from the earth. Do not wash them at all! Envelop each fruit toilet paper. The newspaper for this purpose will not approach. Paint will only help apple to deteriorate quicker. Lay apples in box and remove them under bed or table. Touch time in several days, mature lift for food, spoiled throw out.

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