How to keep order

How to keep order

Who has told that maintenance of order demands the lot of time, forces and nerves? On the contrary, it is worth wanting as from tiresome duty it will turn into pleasure, it is necessary to reconsider the relation to house cleaning only.

  • The timer, packages for garbage, means for cleaning.

1. Allocate 15 minutes daily for disposal of the house of stuff. It is not necessary to try to be in time for once everything, it is better to do gradually, but every day. Put the timer (set the alarm clock) and at fast speed begin to sort the small site. Sort things at once: frank stuff in packages for garbage, things good, but unnecessary – in boxes (you will give them to those to whom they will be useful), things favourite and necessary – in places. At once get rid of such garbage as advertizing leaflets, the packing paper, empty bottles.

2. Define the place for each thing. With clothes, books, ware everything is more or less clear, and here into the account of the necessary trifles it is necessary to think. Accessories to sewing, first-aid kit – for all this it is desirable to get convenient containers with covers. You store documents in folders, the photo in albums. In time put away seasonal clothes and footwear. Fur coats and sheepskin coats pack into special covers, having placed on tabletochka of "anti-moth" there. Boots and boots, having washed up and having dried up, send for storage in boxes. In the hall equip the place for things – the scattered clothes and footwear of order do not add. In the nursery, numerous boxes and boxes will become your rescue, you with clear conscience will hide treasures of the child in them. You store various means for cleaning in one place – and is accurater, and it is easier to find the necessary bottle.

3. Remove "on clean". It is not necessary to wait when your house needs grandiose cleaning, do small, but every day. The plate, sinks, toilet bowl have to be clean always. It is much simpler to wipe fast plate at once after cooking, than once a week to wipe it with application of all cleansers which will be in the house. The same concerns also ware – wash it at once. Pass across the house in the evening, spread out the scattered things in places. It will take no more than ten minutes, but rooms will begin to look tidier.

4. Segment clear-out and do on weekdays to release weekend for rest. Distribute as you conveniently such affairs as washing of curtains, washing of windows, the fridge or cleaning of upholstered furniture. Doing on one "global" business for once, and you will not be tired, and in the house there will always be order, and on the day off with clear conscience will enjoy rest.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team