How to keep roses in the winter

How to keep roses in the winter

It is necessary to cover bushes for the winter at the end of October – the first half of November. Wintering of roses on the garden site – very responsible period defining blossoming and successful growth next year. It is worth knowing that some grades differ in bigger or smaller winter hardiness, it should be considered upon purchase and landing of roses on the site. Make flowers ready for the winter, and the next year enjoy their beauty.

It is required to you

  • - Sawdust, dry foliage or peat,
  • - secateurs,
  • - iron vitriol,
  • - nitrohair dryer.


1. Even before landing of roses it is necessary to think over the place of their arrangement that they were convenient to be closed for the winter. You should not put in deepenings and grooves as there large amount of water will accumulate in the spring that is very pernicious for roses. Roses love a lot of light, and the flowers which are grown up in shadow will winter much worse.

2. During the summer of rose have to be created and increase well dense and healthy sheet weight. Struggle with wreckers and destroy fallen leaves, weeds and the cut-off escapes. Regularly disinfect tools in potassium permanganate solution.

3. From the middle of August it is necessary to begin to slow down vegetation. For this purpose reduce waterings or completely stop. If month very rainy, pull polyethylene film over bushes to reduce intake of moisture. Make grooves for water drainage. If escapes continue to develop, they need to be prishchepit, it will accelerate ripening and will cause growth inhibition. Otherwise, such escapes will die in the winter.

4. In October begin to clean roses from leaves, separate them from branches, beginning from above and moving down. Remove all leaves far away from roses, and burn them better to avoid distribution pathogenic dispute of mushrooms. Otherwise it will be pernicious for flowers.

5. To define in advance when frosts begin, it is almost impossible therefore it is better to make secure during the autumn period. Apply the stage-by-stage shelter of roses, for this purpose it is necessary to prepare bushes. Accurately moisten the lower part of bush the earth around it with solution of iron vitriol of 3% and powder the bases of escapes with sand.

6. Cut off roses on height of 45 centimeters and spray upper part of escapes of 2% with nitrohair dryer solution. Fill up bushes with any warming material – the earth, sawdust, peat or dry leaves. It is better to take sawdust coniferous breeds. If you use the earth, then it needs to be prepared and dried in advance. Peat has to be mixed with small amount of sand.

7. To frighten off mice, it is possible to put several tablets of naphthalene on the warming material. Try to trace in the winter that wind did not blow off snow from bushes. For this purpose build special boards or lay from above branches.

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