How to keep roses longer

How to keep roses longer

Any person, buying bouquet from roses, can be sure that he surely will be pleasant. Even one rose is much better than bouquet from hundred carnations. But how to keep this fragile symbol of love and arrangement for a long time?

1. Let's begin with the fact that to keep roses fresh it is possible only if they have been bought by those. How to define that rose fresh upon purchase?

2. The freshest roses have so-called "shirt. These are the most extreme leaves which close bud. As a rule, they are more dark than the bouquet. In spite of the fact that they are rather ugly, their availability says about what the rose will longer stay. If at rose extreme lobes are torn off, so the rose already is at stage of withering and kind of to you there was a wish to keep it for a long time – at you it will not turn out. Brightness of leaves, lack of the dried-up leaves, fortress of the branch also speaks about freshness of rose. The branch has to be equal throughout all length from cuts to head. If to head the stalk becomes much thinner, then you the bud will quickly incline the head. The most resistant of roses are pink roses and roses of tea grade. And here loved by all burgundy, black are most whimsical.

3. Nevertheless, even not absolutely fresh rose can be reanimated for some time in house conditions. The rose very much does not love that with it in bouquet there were other flowers therefore if your purpose to keep freshness of roses – take out any branches and other flowers from bouquet. However, the rose also does not need jewelry.

4. Substitute stalks of roses under water and make directly under water diagonal cut the sharp razor. The cut should be done in water that the tubule on which the flower will drink water were not clogged with air locks. For the same reason it is impossible to put roses in water from under the crane. The air bubbles which are in water can fill canals also. Flatten out stalks from below the hammer.

5. Without taking out rose from water, cut off all leaves and thorns that water in vase has not decayed. Prepare solution for flowers. For this purpose add preservative which can be bought in flower shop to otstoyanny water. For power supply of stalks of roses add 30 grams of sugar on 1 liter of water and 2 tablespoons of vinegar to water (not essences!) or ½ teaspoons of chips of citric acid.

6. Besides nutrient medium, it is necessary to add the means preventing rotting to water. For this purpose it is possible to use camphor alcohol, to drill, glycerin, or to put silver product on vessel bottom. Only do not forget it to take out before you pour out water of vase.

7. Change water every day, arranging for roses and water bathtubs. Every time, putting roses, update diagonal cut. Do not forget to spray roses as often as possible, especially, if heating and air very dry is included. Throw several cubes of ice in vase in the summer.

8. Remove far away from rose fresh fruit. They emit substance which accelerates maturing of fruits, so, the rose fast will throw off leaves that seeds have ripened.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team