How to keep saplings

How to keep saplings

Now on sale the planting stock of ornamental and fruit plants with the closed root system enjoys special popularity. It is undoubtedly very convenient, roots do not dry up also losses of planting stock less. However experienced gardeners sometimes prefer to see condition of roots of plant and buy saplings with open roots. How it is correct to keep such plant before disembarkation to the constant place?

It is required to you

  • - film or plastic bag;
  • - wet fabric;
  • - cord;
  • - labels with the indication of grade.


1. Any acquired sapling needs to be marked. Hang up on plant plastic or metal tag with the name of grade, stock and acquisition date. If the store label has faded, correct it. It is desirable that the label was on elastic since the metal wire or twine can crash into sapling branch over time.

2. Examine sapling roots. Broomed and torn cut off secateurs. If landing in soil is planned not at once, accurately envelop root system wet cotton fabric. For prevention of drying wrap roots in plastic bag or film. Leave plants in the cool shaded place. When transporting turn in all branches to trunk and bind twine or the fabric ribbon, beginning from the krone basis.

3. If the saplings acquired in the spring have started in growth, and before disembarkation in soil still far, it is necessary to plant them in pots. In order to avoid chloroz provide plants with necessary lighting. If you have bought saplings in the fall, and are going to plant trees for the constant place only in the spring, for the winter period the planting stock can be placed in save. For this purpose dig out ditch of 50 cm in depth in the direction from the West on the East. It is desirable that the place of prikop has been protected from winds.

4. Examine roots - if they look very dry, place saplings for 1-2 days in water. If roots as it should be, then trench in at once. Place saplings obliquely, tops on the South. Do not put tree bunches. It can cause perishing of root system. Powder roots with the friable soil, so that there was no emptiness left. Dosypte the earth to the krone. If the soil very dry, then it is abundant water saplings.

5. It is possible to put for protection against mice and rats on branches of saplings of claw of fir-tree or juniper. Throw the place of prikop snow in the winter.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team