How to keep the soil

How to keep the soil

It is possible to keep the soil on the seasonal dacha, following rules of agrotechnology of cultures, in due time introducing organic and mineral fertilizers, liming, periodically allowing the earth "to have a rest". Such soil will annually please owners, promoting receiving good harvests.

It is required to you

  • Shovel, fertilizers, watering can, water, compost earth, plants-sideraty, drainage.


1. You introduce annually organic fertilizers. To keep the soil on homestead site, it is better to use the fresh manure mixed with straw or the fallen-down foliage in the fall, and in the spring – the compost earth. For the correct preparation of the compost earth it is better to make wooden drawers about one and a half in size – two cubic meters. As protection against wood rotting, upholster them with double layer of dense greenhouse film.

2. Form compost at the expense of vegetable and food remains which 3-4 times during the summer should be stratified fresh manure, to loosen, and at dry and hot weather - to humidify. In year all this perepret and the great compost earth – one of the best fertilizers ensuring safety of the soil will turn out.

3. Protect sandy loams from washing away of useful substances. For this purpose time in 2-3 years add to them dry clay. Heavy clay soils need also to be okulturivat. For them introduction of lake sand which favorably influences structure of such earth will become the best medicine.

4. Provide drainage layer to protect such site from spring flooding. Having removed prime quality land, fill layer of haydite or other similar material. In the absence of opportunity create drainage layer by means of the crushed construction waste: bark of trees, spill, knots, etc. Few years it will protect the soil from excess skaplivaniye of water, and then will rot through and will become good organic fertilizer.

5. Leave any given part of the site "to have a rest". It is recommended to do it once in five – six years. Or on it put nothing, or put siderata – the plants not only protecting the soil from exhaustion, but also resupplying nutrients. The fact is that such cultures as beans, haricot, green peas, Vika, the lupine landed since fall or in the early spring in the middle of the summer are mown. Elevated part together with roots is closed up to the soil on shovel pin depth. Rich with nitrogenous substances and also other minerals and microelements, they allow the earth to restore as fast as possible forces for new harvests.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team