How to kindle fire

How to kindle fire

When it comes to fire, at travelers with box of matches in pocket (the hunters, fishers, gardeners who just have a rest) one problem: from what and what to put fire. "Tent", "well", "star" or "Polynesian". Flame, hot (for cooking, lighting and heat) or smoke (from mosquitoes, for the alarm system). If the main task is to get, receive fire without matches lighters, other skills and abilities multiplied by experience and ingenuity are necessary.

It is required to you

  • Magnifying glass (lens)
  • Concave pocket mirror
  • Branch (length - about 1 meter, diameter - 2-3 cm)
  • Rope or thong
  • Log (plate)
  • Two firm stones
  • Tinder


1. Since childhood ignitions of dry paper or shchepochka magnifying glass or concave pocket mirror learned to try to obtain us. This way is good if glass (camera lens, lens from the field-glass) - with itself, and sunny weather. Direct lens to the sun and focus ray of sunlight on the surface prepared for ignition so that it after long heating in one point of zatlel. Direct concave pocket mirror to the sun and repeat the previous actions. On the lighting force the smooth surface is stronger than lens: the pocket mirror of 4-7 cm in the diameter will replace magnifying glass with a diameter of 10-13 cm.

2. Traditionally fire is cut by blows of firm stone about stone, stone about metal (iron product) over trutnik - the dried-up tubular mushroom growing on trees. The tinder (trutnik, any vetoshka, match) is lit from the spark which has fallen to it.

3. Long since fire got friction.1 way. Bend branch (length - about 1 meter, diameter - 2-3 cm). Connect the ends by rope or thong from tawing skin - so that onions have turned out. Find dry round equal stick with a diameter up to 1 cm and dry log (plate). It is desirable that they had different breeds of tree - with density (hardness) of wood excellent from each other. Insert stick spindle into the deepening made in log. Throw stick with bowstring one or two loops. Press it from above piece of wood or stone with the deepening interfering vyskakivaniye. Begin to rotate smoothly spindle movement of onions in the horizontal plane. Gradually accelerate the movement. Soon in pole of log sawdust which from heating zatlet will collect, will smoke or will even flash. Inflate fire, having brought paper or thin strips of birch bark for ignition. At stock of patience and physical forces the wooden rod spindle can be rotated without onions - palms (natives in Australia so extract fire).

4. The 2nd way. Find two dry plates or their vytesayta from log so that one has turned out with knot handle. Roll in lump of vatu or thin films of dry birch bark, pour ball wood powder of mouldering stub. Put this lump between plates and begin to roll slowly, gradually increasing the speed of movements and strengthening pressing plate. As soon as the lump zatlet, accurately displace it in the prepared kindling and inflate fire.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team