How to kindle incense

How to kindle incense

In church during the church services voskurivat incense. Its smell calms, adjusts on quiet state, on prayer and communication good luck and the inner world. The same condition of pacification can be reached and at home, it is necessary to kindle incense only.

It is required to you

  • Incense
  • Coal
  • Incensory
  • Icon lamp
  • ""Spider""


1. The first way of kindling of incense - on coal. For this purpose it is necessary to take coal, to kindle it. But do not put incense on the heated red coal at all. In the beginning it is necessary that coal has a little cooled down. For this purpose wait 10-15 minutes until the piece of coal becomes covered with ashes. After that it is possible to put on it incense.

2. The second way - incense can be kindled in incensory. For this purpose it is necessary to heat previously coal on the gas or electric stove until red, at the same time it is better to heat piece of coal from two parties. For convenience it is possible to use big tweezers or nippers. Then the warmed coal needs to be placed in incensory, and around it accurately to spread out pieces of incense and to close cover.

3. If you have no incensory, but there is oil icon lamp, then it is possible to kindle incense in ""spider"". ""Spider"" is special metal nozzle on icon lamp. In the beginning it is necessary to light icon lamp, then on it the support is located. The incense piece is put on support. If your incense not pieces, and powder, then previously such incense it is necessary to pull down on small pieces. As soon as the support heats up from icon lamp match, the incense begins to exhale gentle delicate aroma. It is necessary to notice that the incense voskurivaniye on support passes longer, and the aroma is thinner as temperature under spider is lower, than on the coal.

4. If the incense in support does not voskurivatsya - check whether the icon lamp goes out. It can be in the following cases: 1. There can be bad oil. Get vaseline, it burns better. 2. In icon lamp the bad match made of artificial materials. Such match can be replaced with piece of bandage.3. Too thick match which is densely sitting in opening and not allowing to climb it to oil. For elimination of this problem it is necessary to extend several threads from match that the match moved in float rather freely.

5. If you have no incense, but you want to feel the atmosphere of the temple, then you will be helped by special kadilny candles. They are called by ""nuns"". At their production the incense, aromatic components and coal are used.

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