How to kindle snow on the seasonal dacha

How to kindle snow on the seasonal dacha

The long and gloomy winter comes to end. And much already cannot wait to leave on giving to open shashlik season. And someone has missed kitchen garden. But on sites there is a lot more snow. Outdoors there are no active salts on roads, and snowmelt happens in the natural way and much more slowly. How to hasten this action that will enjoy the first heat before all?


1. The most primitive option of cleaning of snow from the seasonal dacha is shovel. The wooden or plastic shovel will not be suitable for the snowdrift which has condensed after thaw. You will not be able just to stick it into snow. Iron shovel with edge – most that for firm snowdrift. After you split snowdrift into smaller parts, it is possible to scatter them already normal snow-removing shovel. Scatter on "warm places" where already last year's grass is visible. On these places the snow will quickly thaw and will evaporate. In several days you will notice that there is practically no snow left.

2. All know that in "black" burns. It concerns not only people and their clothes, but also to the nature. That snow thawed more actively, strew snowdrifts with ashes or small peat on all area. Then the day sun which already heats so that becomes hot will quickly cope with the task. Especially, peat and ashes are useful to kitchen garden. And country lawn in front of the house they will not do much harm. These natural fertilizers will just go to the earth together with melt water.

3. The same effect as dark fertilizers, the film of black color gives. If you need to kindle the small site, then it is possible to cover for several days the place with black film. Greenhouse effect which is formed under the shelter will quickly kindle snow. Perhaps, and the colourless film will cope, but the black shade collects solar energy more.

4. More dangerous way of cleaning of snow in the yard is salt or other reagents. If not so just to find strong reagents in shops, then normal food salt with success will replace to you them. Why salt is dangerous? Because she, except active processing of firm snow in dirty porridge, will eat also your boots. Yes, the sole from boots can strongly be spoiled from interaction with salts. Therefore after snow topping reagent advise not to go on it any time. And when you will notice that snow was softened and it is ready for cleaning, pick up shovel rather and remove porridge far away from human legs. Better for the site. There, where nobody goes also nothing useful grows. Because salt affects negatively and soil.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team