How to land lawn

How to land lawn

With the help of lawn grass it is possible to embellish exterior of your site and to avoid emergence of weeds. Pleasant rich color of lawn is pleasing to the eye, and the silky grass and attracts to walk on it barefoot. It is simple to put "live carpet", even without having the special equipment.


1. Buy seeds of lawn grass in gardening or specialized shop. Choose grade on the discretion, being guided by general characteristics which you can read on packing. It is optional to buy the most expensive grass, that also will be suitable for personal plot, what is cheaper.

2. Clear the area of weeds and stones. It is considered to be that the grass ruins weeds, but it not absolutely so. Until the young lawn gets stronger, weeding should be made from time to time, then unnecessary vegetation will not be able just to make the way through the root system of decorative grass.

3. Loosen the soil with chopper or superficially dig up the tractor or shovel. After that wait several days that the earth uset a little. Otherwise seeds of lawn grass can deeply go to soil and not couch.

4. Evenly scatter seeds and condense the soil. Slightly irrigate landings, strongly do not fill in. Look at the recommended expense on square meter on packing. Do not sow more, than it is necessary. So you will only spend spare cash, and it will not be better from it. The grass becomes dense carpet for the 2nd year after landing therefore stock up with patience. If after shoots have appeared, you have noticed that in places it is empty, interplant lawn.

5. Water lawn daily in hot weather, otherwise the grass will turn yellow. When on the street moderately warmly it is also damp, carry out watering once a week. The surplus of water can provoke rotting of root system, then all grass will die.

6. Use the lawn-mower or the electric strimmer if the grass has reached too big height. After bevelling clean the site with rake and slightly water.

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