How to land narcissuses

How to land narcissuses

Narcissuses - undoubted favourites of spring garden. Selectors have removed huge number of grades of this plant from simple to terry. Flowers - very unpretentious and hardy, but also are required for them good conditions for development.

It is required to you

  • - planting stock;
  • - wood ashes;
  • - humus;
  • - fertile soil.


1. Narcissuses can grow practically on any soil, except sandy and stony, but best of all they feel on quite heavy, prime and moisture capacious quality land. Choose the semi-shady place for narcissuses. Pave the way under landing in advance, deeply dig over it, remove roots of all weeds and add humus and wood ashes to the earth.

2. Bulbs of narcissus begin to land since the end of August. It is possible to do landings up to the middle of October. Prior to the beginning of frosts the planting stock has to take roots well therefore you should not delay with landings.

3. Land botanical grades on depth of 10 cm, and garden - 20 cm. The distance between them has to be quite long - 15-20 cm as narcissuses very quickly expand therefore they need the place for formation of curtain.

4. In regions with low-snow winters the narcissuses need the easy shelter. Especially it is necessary for multiflowered and terry grades of plant. As the shelter fir twigs, straw or dry foliage will approach. As soon as snow descends in the spring, the shelter needs to be cleaned at once.

5. Unlike hyacinths and tulips which need annual change the narcissuses can grow on one place up to 5 years. Big thickness of curtain will serve as signal to change. Begin to be shown to Lukovichki from the earth. In the fall of landing it is necessary to dig out and separate into several parts. You should not separate affiliated bulbs violently as it is possible to damage collum.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team