How to land sweet pepper in soil

How to land sweet pepper in soil

Pepper – culture thermophilic therefore it is grown up in the seedling way. After purchase of seedling or its successful cultivation on windowsill, it is necessary to land correctly pepper in soil.

It is required to you

  • - pepper seedling;
  • - copper vitriol or Bordeaux liquid;
  • - balcony or loggia;
  • - garden tool;
  • - film or plastic bottles.


1. Planting of seedling of thermophilic plant species to which sweet pepper belongs requires certain attention. Long before disembarkation in soil it needs to be prepared. That the plant was strong and continued the growth in the conditions of the unprotected soil and the lowered temperature (in comparison with that in which it grew), it is necessary to temper it.

2. Pepper seedling before disembarkation is tempered within 14-15 days. There is it as follows. Indoor temperature where seedling grows, decreases gradually by 1 degree. At first it is necessary to reduce temperature only in the afternoon. The second week – both in the afternoon, and at night. If seedling of pepper grew in the room at temperature of +25 … 26 wasps, then before disembarkation it needs to be lowered to +17 … 18 wasps. In recent days seedling can be sent to the street, loggia or balcony in the afternoon.

3. Along with hardening the seedling illumination (if it is necessary, the dosvetka is applied) increases to accustom her to the bright spring sun, and watering is reduced. One week prior to disembarkation seedling needs to be disinfected to protect from fungal diseases and wreckers of the open ground. For this purpose it on leaves is sprayed with the Bordeaux liquid or solution of copper vitriol.

4. On the eve of disembarkation the soil in pots or seedling boxes well pours down. In the morning of the next day it is possible to begin planting of seedling in soil. Air temperature has to be not less than 17 wasps in the afternoon. Usually disembarkation takes place in May and if at night temperature is lower +12os, the planted seedling needs to be covered for the night with film or plastic bottles.

5. In soil holes, from 10 to 15 cm in depth are dug out in advance (depending on the sizes of saplings). Holes in two hours prior to landing spill water. Saplings accurately, without damages of lump of the earth, are taken out from seedling pots or boxes and are established in holes to the first not real leaflets. If you have noticed the begun to rot backs on saplings, they need to be removed with knife that decay has not gone further. Saplings are covered with earth which is stamped. Then pour down water.

6. In the first days after disembarkation of pepper to the open soil it is necessary to watch carefully behavior of seedling (whether leaflets fade whether the stalk directly keeps) and also air temperature (if decreases, to cover seedling and in the afternoon). It is necessary well pritenyat saplings from the day sun and to regularly water plants. Fertilizing in the open ground can be given for the first time in two weeks after disembarkation – complex of minerals in solution at the roots.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team