How to lay out brick wall

How to lay out brick wall

If you need to lay out brick wall, it is optional to pay expensive work of hired workers. Having understood brickwork manufacturing techniques, you with ease will be able to make it, especially if it is not about something serious that it is difficult to make alone, and about simple things, for example, interroom wall or the small brick building.

It is required to you

  • - brick;
  • - cement;
  • - the sifted sand;
  • - water;
  • - shovel;
  • - capacity for solution mixing;
  • - trowel;
  • - special hammer;
  • - rule;
  • - plumb and thick fishing line.


1. For a start you have to measure and pull everything the thick groves designating wall border. They are necessary in order that the laying has turned out equal as "by eye" it to make it will not turn out. It is convenient to fix such guides during the works indoors. If you spread wall in the open air, then stretch the directing fishing line above the ground between two pegs, and check wall plumb and the rule through each three-four rows of laying.

2. Important stage in creation of brickwork is the solution batch. For this purpose at first fill up in capacity for mixing cement and sand in the ratio 1:4 and mix shovel. Then add water and make mixture. It is not recommended to do more than 20-30 liters of mix as it gradually stiffens for time and gets denser.

3. It is the simplest to stack wall in one brick. For this purpose just spread row behind row, in each following shifting bricks on ½ along the direction of laying. In that case every second row will begin with brick half therefore you should cut it. For this purpose to be necessary for you the special hammer with peen. It is easy for them to cut bricks and to podtesyvat them as required.

4. If you are going to put wall from two rows, then you to be necessary to do the bandaging connecting them, otherwise you receive two parallel thin stenochka. Here you can apply two ways. The first – to lay bricks in every second row across, then they will connect themselves all bricks. The most important governed – do not assume that seams in ranks have coincided. Always try to lay bricks so that the seam was in the same row blocked by core of bricks in next. The second way – in every fourth row turn across several bricks in a row, but not all row. Both options well, but the first looks more beautifully.

5. More difficult option – laying from three rows. In that case you should do bandaging of all ranks in turn to any of two above ways.

6. Process of laying is simple. Just apply solution on already laid row, then it is a little solution sideways of brick which will be attached to already available in new row, further put brick in a row. Densely press it hand on the right place, then, accurately tapping with the trowel handle, adjust brick into place finally. Do not worry, solution does not stiffen at once so your time will be correct to lay brick, and gradually you learn to do it at once.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team