How to lay out correctly apron in kitchen

How to lay out correctly apron in kitchen

The kitchen apron has to be combined with furniture and fit harmoniously into the general interior. Laid out from tile, it not only will execute decorative function, but also will protect wall from hit on it of dust, water and drops of fat.

It is required to you

  • - construction level
  • - construction square
  • - equal rail
  • - tiled glue
  • - ceramic tile
  • - cement of plaster
  • - perforator


1. Prepare surface. Unhang wall-paper and wash wall with water. Plan pencil the line of laying of wire for extract. On this line make the perforator stroba. Having brought to it wire, fix by solution from plaster.

2. Take the construction level, direct rail and plumb and make measurement of corners and planes. Check them across and verticals. Gleams between the plane of direct rail and wall should not exceed 5 mm.

3. Having studied the instruction, dissolve plaster mix. The small palette to its nakidayta on surface of walls also level big. Remove excess of solution rail. Try to receive one plane on vertical and horizontal.

4. On door opening start up plumb, having received thus vertical tag on which it is necessary to orient tile. Knead glue as about it it is told in the instruction. By means of the toothed palette apply it on wall at the floor.

5. Then apply thin film of glue solution on tile surface. Having pressed it into solution, besiege the mall made of rubber. On vertical and horizontal expose tile with use of short level.

6. If the tile has risen irregularly, remove it and add or remove necessary amount of glue and return it into place. Remember that the final result of laying of apron will depend on right installation of the first tiles.

7. Establishing the following tile, notice how the drawing is located. Between the adjoining edges insert two crosses. Run fingers over seam. At the same time you should not feel transition.

8. On the second tile establish by third. Between horizontal and vertical edges of the second tile check corner, having put the construction square. Then again continue to spread apron.

9. Having laid out the first six elements, beat off horizontal guide. Bring row to corner if it is necessary, put the tiles cut with the glass-cutter.

10. When the apron is laid out completely, wash it water and clean seams. Part finish and fill them, carrying out diagonal movements by the rubber palette. After finish wipe tile with wet towel wipes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team