How to lay tile

For finishing of half of the room often use tile. The tile happens different types and styles. In order that it is correct to lay tile, it is necessary to have sufficient knowledge. In this article it is described how it is correct to put tile.


1. Work needs to be begun with laying of tile on floors or laying. After that facing is carried out. Facing is carried out by fastening of tiles to vertical surface.

2. For a start it is necessary to make tie and to establish lighthouses. Direct or diagonal laying of tile on solution is carried out at once after the tie is made. On marking it is necessary to lay intermediate and also frieze ranks of tiles. On three tile in all corners of the room it is necessary to arrange in frieze beacon-type ranks. Also it is necessary to lay some more tiles on lines of frieze. They have to be on distance of 2.5 meters from each other. Intermediate row is stacked only in the big room which has the area more than 10 square meters.

3. The equal and crude tie needs to be covered with thin layer of cement. We stack in advance prepared tile in intermediate and beacon-type ranks. We press them to the basis a little. Tiled floors have to give all the best separate strips catches along all wall. Catches have to be about 50 centimeters wide.

4. Before flooring from ceramic tile, it is necessary to level the basis well. If the basis uneven and the tie has already hardened, then laying is conducted in a different way. It is necessary to level tie and to fix tile by means of cement slurry. The tie needs to be moistened with water. After that apply the 10th millimetric layer of solution on tie. When laying tile it is necessary to utaplivat them in solution on 3-5 millimeters, at the same time it is necessary to check that they were equal.

5. It is the best of all to put tile thus: we stack number of tiles, then we put on them small board and we strike it with the hammer. It is so necessary to level all row. If tiles have appeared lower than the level of lighthouses, then under them it is necessary to enclose solution and again to level row. After 2-4 days the solution which is under tiles will be strong. On such floor it will be possible to move. Seams can be filled with special finish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team