How to learn age of tree

How to learn age of tree

At wood researches there is regularly need to determine the age of any given tree. It sometimes happens it is necessary and on the seasonal dacha when the issue is resolved, it is necessary to cut down any given tree or not. The centenary oak can become pride of your site and all settlement too. Besides, to the gardener happens it is necessary to know age of tree in time to do vaccination or to take inoculative material.

It is required to you

  • - tubular drill with the ramrod and the piston to it;
  • - garden var.


1. If you want to determine the age of the cut tree, just count annual growth rings. It is necessary to consider them from the center. Rings can be the different size depending on weather patterns in each specific year. Having looked at saw cut, you will surely see light and dark rings and pay attention that they alternate. Consider or only light rings, or only dark.

2. Wishing to determine the age of adult live tree which you assume to keep, use tubular drill. Find the site of trunk free from knots. Smooth out top layer of bark (it is possible not to wood and so that to receive the flat platform). Drill wood core through. The drill has to be directed whenever possible strictly horizontally and precisely on diameter of trunk.

3. Upon termination of drilling take drill. By means of the ramrod from drill take out wood core. Consider it. You will see alternation of annual growth rings. Count them and divide the received number into 2. This number will also be age of tree.

4. After drilling of core the tree needs to be treated. For this purpose the opening which has remained after drilling cover with the garden thief on both sides. The adult strong tree usually easily postpones similar procedures if at once to take measures for mitigation of consequences of scientific experiment.

5. If the tree small and drilling can lead to his death, then the age can be determined on year verticils. Year verticils are called the trunk thickenings arising after seasonal pause of growth. Such verticils have not all trees. They are noticeable only at young copies. Therefore such method can be applied not always. Most often on verticils consider age of coniferous trees.

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