How to learn to scythe

How to learn to scythe

In days of old peasants began to study kosheniye since small years, adopting skills at skilled mowers. Now use braid more and more seldom, replacing it with trimmers, but if it is necessary to mow in hard-to-reach spots, around bushes, then not to find the best tool.

It is required to you

  • - braid;
  • - bar;
  • - fine-grained abrasive wheel (grinder).


1. Prepare braid for work. Perhaps, any of agricultural tools does not demand so thorough training. The scythe has to be sharp both at the same time and not to be rebated long. If the tool new, then edge it is necessary to grind on fine-grained abrasive wheel on width of 1.5-2 cm. At first it needs to be made from bottom side on all length of cloth. The edge at the same time has to be damp (it needs to be moistened constantly during sharpening process).

2. Then the scythe needs to be whetted on anvil the special hammer. The tool prepared thus long is not rebated and cuts off grass without the application the mower of special efforts.

3. Just before the beginning of kosheniye whet scythe by means of special bar. Take it the right hand for heel, and left for kosovishche. Thrust the sharp end of edge behind yourself obliquely to the soil on depth about five centimeters.

4. Wipe braid cloth bunch of new-mown grass. Do it carefully, trying not to be wounded. Then the right hand take out bar and carry out by it on edge (from heel to the middle) with one and on the other hand, holding braid with the left hand for the middle obushka. At the same time you hold bar knife, hollow in relation to cloth. Having ground the top half of edge, you pass to lower.

5. Pick up braid. Slightly incline trunk forward. Put the right leg ahead, and left — behind so that the body has been turned to the left. Such matters are improved by process of kosheniye.

6. Motions of hands when mowing have to be circular from right to left. The braid wave at the same time should not be wide (usually it is defined by turn of trunk). The first wave — from left to right. Bring braid quite slowly and smoothly. The second — from right to left when cutting grass, fast and abrupt.

7. At the time of kosheniye the heel of braid has to go practically on the surface of the mown site, and its nose to be slightly raised. Such situation needs to be kept throughout all work, otherwise the braid will be stuck to the earth.

8. Each wave has to be smooth. Try not to strain hands as it will cause excess exhaustion. After each wave move the right leg on step forward, before the following left start right.

9. When mowing the braid heel with kosovishchy rakes up mowed grass and stacks it aside on the beginning of the burst swath passed earlier, forming so-called roll. Consider that under it there should not be not mowed grass. The burst swath has to turn out direct and approximately identical width.

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