How to lease giving

How to lease giving

Execution of the transaction on rent of giving is carried out similar to execution of the contract on rent of city apartments. Difference here only that at delivery of giving additional conditions on its service and the contents can be stipulated. Anyway, to lease the seasonal dacha at minimal risk and the maximum price, it is necessary to know several rules.


1. For a start insure the "six hundred parts" from flood, the fire and other force majeurs. Insurance of giving at its delivery for rent is very important as people absolutely unfamiliar to you will live in it. Besides, many tenants not too make thrifty use of someone else's property.

2. Sign only the official lease agreement, having stated in it to obligation of the parties, the price and term of rent and also other essential terms of agreement. Make the inventory and attach it to the contract. In it record current state of household appliances, the furniture and other things which are available on the site or in the house.

3. Try to hand over giving for the longest term – it will allow you not to allow breaks between rent of giving by different tenants and the unnecessary vanity interfaced to it, so, will bring the greatest benefit.

4. Prepare giving for rent. Bring into appropriate look not only lodge, but also the adjacent site. Give them the maximum respectability. If necessary make small repair: repair all that is in the broken state. Even small improvements in country house will increase the interest of tenants that will well be reflected in your income.

5. It is possible to look for tenants independently, using the Internet or printing editions with announcements, or to ask for the help in the realtor agency. The last option will allow you to protect itself from unfair tenants. Only stop the choice on the agency which works at the market long ago and has many good recommendations.

6. Advance payment for rent of giving has to be made at least partially. Payment of the security deposit – the sum which is designed to cover all your expenses in case of damage of property – remains on your discretion.

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