How to level cabinet

How to level cabinet

Quite often there is need for fastening and adjustment of doors of cabinets. It becomes most often after moving. It is quite simple to establish and adjust cabinet doors. However it is necessary to have idea of this business.


1. Also sometimes there is problem which is connected with failure of doors of kitchen cabinets from loops. It is necessary to understand for a start in what business. Then it is possible to pass to fault repair. In the majority case it is necessary to make only adjustment of hinges.

2. Pay attention, doors which are fixed on loops with dish hinges, swing open on certain corner. When closing the hinges begin "to pull" door cloth. This mechanism is calculated so that the door when opening does not come for cabinet side. It can occur on normal continuous loops. The constructive advantage of loops with hinges is obvious. In usual set of kitchen furniture such doors which form continuous, without grooves, surface are established. This feature allows to use rationally available area.

3. Furniture loop with hinges it is necessary to fix to internal side of cabinet. The dish hinge has to sit very precisely. For its mounting it is necessary to have so-called ring drill. It has sharpened tip which acts to the central guides. Knives will mill dish opening very evenly and extremely precisely. As at all dish hinges diameter of 35 millimeters, makes sense to buy this special drill.

4. It is necessary to define arrangement of door. Pay attention to that above and below there was small slot. It is necessary for free opening and closing of doors. By means of template it is necessary to mark openings for screws. In them then it is necessary to make dish opening of necessary depth. On marking fix assembly plate. The screw below on the right after alignment is tightened the last.

5. On this tape lever there are three screws. Adjustment is made by means of the middle screw. The adjustment mechanism is built in the tape lever. Three screws allow to carry out movement of door in three planes.

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