How to level floors without tie under linoleum

How to level floors without tie under linoleum

Before stacking linoleum, it is necessary to carry out preparation of the basis. The remains of old covering, pollution have to be removed, besides, the basis has to be well leveled.

It is required to you

  • - sheet building material;
  • - boards for log;
  • - fastening elements.


1. It is possible just to level floor under laying of linoleum quickly and without performance of tie if differences of height small. It is done with use of dry charge and material like chipboard, by plywood. Carrying out repair of floor gives the chance to lay linoleum so that its joints were equal, and the surface has turned out without differences on height, beautiful and smooth. So the term of operation of linoleum turns out big, than without basis pretreatment.

2. Clean the basis from the garbage which has got on it, dirt, putties. Build from not pared down boards on the basis of logs on which material laying will be made. Strengthen logs anchors, the distance between them is better to do 30 cm. The surface has to turn out strictly horizontal.

3. Check horizontal position of surface with use of construction level. In the presence of differences, biases, surface defects they should be corrected – it can be done with use of wooden klinyshk. Enclose them in problem places to correct level to acceptable.

4. Execute furring. On logs record crossbars by means of self-tapping screws, choose step depending on the sizes of sheets of material. Lay over logs sheets of plates derevostruzhechny or plywood. Material has to be processed by anti-septic tank. After laying close up sealant the formed seams.

5. In the same way it is possible to level wooden floor on which there is large amount of roughnesses. If it is intended under linoleum laying, but has local roughnesses or small defects, it is not necessary to break it completely to make other basis. The simplest option is to level such floor, using sheets of moisture resistant plywood with impregnation. Sheets with thickness to fourteen millimeters screws attach to the main wooden floor, having adjusted them at the edges.

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