How to level grass on the lawn

How to level grass on the lawn

To create beautiful lawn, it is necessary to meet certain conditions. It is necessary that the earth has been carefully leveled, on it often install devices for watering, and regularly cut grass. But scissors are too cardinal method. Besides, finding out how to cut lawn grass, it is necessary to master some rules.

It is required to you

  • Lawn-mower.
  • Grass collector.
  • Trimmer (or lawn-mower).
  • Electricity or gasoline (perhaps, accumulators).
  • Lawn with grass.


1. How to straighten grass? Many at first carry out mowing, and then level it on all lawn. Also there is the return way – to begin with edges, and not to forget to collect scraps. Work on certain sites – the bad idea. It is better to examine the site at once and to plan the maneuvers, otherwise there is risk to do much harm to beauty of lawn. Perhaps, even prior to works it will become clear how to process any site, having replaced the tool or nozzles.

2. It is not necessary to cut off grass at big length. Though it is matter of taste. Many think that, "having shaved" grass, they will achieve that it grew exactly, but it is extremely risky and not justified trick. Let's notice: in cool conditions the grass will grow up if not to cut it to 6–8 centimeters, in warm – it is necessary to leave height from 2.5 to 7 centimeters.

3. To choose the lawn-mower with the grass collector or without? This tool is used in the course of straightening of vegetation on lawn. Mastering how to straighten grass on lawn, it is better to do without it – then after mulching by particles slanted will saturate the earth with useful substances among which there is nitrogen. Dern receives more nutrients.

4. Such part of the lawn-mower as shaft leans against the earth during hairstyle. In the course of the movement of the device it makes turns counterclockwise. It is better to learn to move the device the left hand, then work will begin to progress much more productively.

5. The tool is selected on the taste. Mechanical lawn-mowers enjoy the greatest popularity. But on the big site it will be difficult to cope with the heavy unit. A little easier electric lawn-mowers, but they cannot work without networks whereas petrol eat casting fuel.

6. It is also possible to use the trimmer. It is possible to choose electric or petrol variation. Everyone will have pluses and minuses, but, generally choose for what it is easier to find fuel. Not all near lawn will have network with the socket.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team