How to lift bath

How to lift bath

The bath is building which is regularly affected by moisture, and such conditions result it in fast wear. To prolong bath life cycle, and quite often and to present it the second life, it is necessary to strengthen the old base or to construct new. It is possible to lift bath if necessary independently, the main thing is to observe the main recommendations at its rise.

It is required to you

  • - jack,
  • - concrete,
  • - material for socle,
  • - metal plate.


1. Prepare all necessary to begin raising of bath. The jack has to have the loading capacity of 5 tons or more. Sort bath corner from below and establish support for jack. Thick metal, bar from wood of firm grades, small concrete slab will approach. Put jack on the basis under bath wall, from above on it put thick metal plate and begin to lift carefully jack bath corner. After the corner is lifted on the necessary height, enclose under it from two parties the beam established on two support distance about a meter, this beam will serve as support for bath corner. After the beam is established, lower jack and remove it.

2. Dig out at an angle baths hole for the base on depth necessary to you – in different cases it can make from 0.5 to 1 meters. Flood the base from concrete and let's it stiffen within two weeks. After the base becomes strong, bring bath socle out of that material which is planned – it can be brick, rubble stone, logs, bar. Do not forget to enclose waterproofing layer if socle you spread the brick, or warming layer if from below you enclose tree too.

3. Substitute jack sideways from the filled-in foundation column and lift bath corner so that there was opportunity to remove the beam supporting him. Remove beam and smoothly lower jack on the new base.

4. After all 4 corners of bath are made, reliably established on new concrete columns, it is possible to lay out brick or to replace logs in old socle on spaces between corners. Do not forget to provide opening for water drain, otherwise your bath after repair will start over again collapsing.

5. It is possible to establish by means of jack at the same time two corners on support and to flood under them the base, so the operating time on raising of bath will considerably be reduced.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team