How to look after aloe

How to look after aloe

The aloe — one of the simplest plants, special conditions for cultivation for it is not required. Many mistakenly believe that it does not blossom, however in nature blossoming of aloe — everyday occurrence. If to create comfortable conditions for plant, then at achievement of certain age it can blossom even on windowsill.

Cultivation and leaving

It is the best of all for aloe to plant in light soil mix with addition of small crushed brick and the small maintenance of wood charcoal. At the same time it is necessary to provide water drainage. Peat has negative effect on development of root system of plant, it cannot be brought.

Temperature should not fall to the winter period below +10 °C. In warm season of aloe water moderately, in process of drying of the soil, it is necessary to water less often in the winter. This plant is unpretentious, it quietly transfers drought. The aloe is photophilous, however he should be accustomed gradually to sunlight in the spring that in the summer to avoid burns.

The most comfortable conditions for the maintenance of aloe — the light and cool place where temperature about +10-14 °C is maintained. During growth carry out fertilizing by fertilizers for succulents and cacti once in 2 weeks. However the young and replaced plants up to 6 months do not need fertilizing. In the winter of aloe put to the light place or use lamps within 12-14 hours every day. In the fall it waters which temperature is 5-8 °C higher, than indoors. This plant does not need moistening of leaves. The aloe very seldom is surprised wreckers, his main diseases — dry and root rot, excessive moistening or the wrong leaving can cause them.

Flight connections

Young plants replace every year, aged up to 5 years — times in two years, and 5 years — are more senior each three years. It is the best of all to do change of aloe in the spring, a day before it it is necessary to water well plant and to prepare substrate. As it use mix of the sheet and cespitose earth, sand and humus. At the bottom of new pot create drainage from haydite or crushed brick. After change the soil needs to be condensed a little, then it is good to water and powder from above with layer of the dry earth. The plant should not be watered within 4-5 days.


The aloe breeds shanks, tops of escapes, young growth and seeds. After maturing the seeds sow in February-March at temperature of +21 °C. The soil for this purpose has to consist of the sheet and cespitose earth with sand addition. Seedlings dive in boxes with the same structure of the soil then they are landed on one in pots of the sizes about 5 cm, at the same time to the earth add crushed brick and wood charcoal in number of 5-7 kg on 1 cubic meter. It is necessary to water moderately young plants, without overwetting. In year it is necessary to make in the spring transfer then it is possible to begin to look after them as behind adult copies. At the basis of escapes of aloe the young growth which is used for reproduction is formed. Shanks cut off and slightly dry within 3-4 days then land in sand, deepening on 2-4 cm the lower end in substrate and tying up to pegs. It is necessary to maintain temperature not below +18 °C and to do sprayings, after rooting it is possible to pass to normal watering.

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