How to look after arrowroot

How to look after arrowroot

Arrowroot – the sort of deciduous ornamental plants of family arrowroots loved by florists and gardeners worldwide. The homeland of arrowroot – tropical forests of South America therefore despite the general unpretentiousness this plant is extremely exacting to the water mode.

It is required to you

  • Fertilizers, otstoyanny water, haydite, earth mix, luminescent lamps.


1. Place plant in the lightest room. Arrowroots need bright diffused light, but do not take out hit of direct sunshine – from it leaves begin to wither. Alternative option – artificial lighting by luminescent lamps. They have to work in total 16 hours a day.

2. Pay attention to quality of the soil. Ideal option – subacidic, with the pH level around six. Suitable mix can be made, for example, of humus, the sheet and peat earth in the ratio 1:1:1 or peat, the garden earth and sand (also 1:1:1). Do not forget about good drainage, haydite, coarse-grained sand, crocks for this purpose will approach. If desired it is possible to add a little wood charcoal.

3. Provide to arrowroot the correct temperature condition. This thermophilic plant does not take out either cold weather, or overheating. Optimum air temperature during the spring and summer period is 22-24 degrees, and from October to February – 18-20 degrees.

4. Do not arrange drafts indoors in which the plant is located, and you hold it far away from electric heaters. Room conditions are not too good for arrowroots, best of all they grow in terrariums and greenhouses.

5. Take care of air humidity. It has to make not less than 80 percent, ideally – to reach 90. Besides, arrowroots demand regular spraying. Before the procedure water should be settled, and to cover the soil with cellophane in order to avoid stagnation and rotting. In pallet on which there is pot it is good to place the moistened haydite. Be not overzealous: at excessive watering the stalks will begin to lose cellular turgor that leads to rotting.

6. From time to time wash plant under shower. It will help to clean leaves from dust effectively. During the procedure do not forget to cover pot with plastic bag.

7. Feed up arrowroot twice a month. Alternate the divorced mineral and organic fertilizers for decorative and deciduous plants.

8. Cut off faded leaves. Consider that in room conditions the tips of healthy leaves, as a rule, dry – despite all "water procedures".

9. Watch "behavior" of arrowroot: under favorable conditions its leaves are located horizontally, at adverse – develop together and are extended up.

10. In case of defeat by wreckers – web tick or tripsa – process leaves insecticides. For elimination of insects the processing needs to be repeated several times.

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