How to look after azaleas

How to look after azaleas

The azalea pleases with long, magnificent and beautiful blossoming, big variety of coloring. But this flower quite whimsical. To enjoy its bright paints, it is necessary to know the basic principles of care for it during the periods of blossoming and rest.


1. In the very first turn it is necessary to understand that the azalea loves cool – this flower does not transfer heat and dryness. Standard temperature for it – 10-15os. During blossoming indoor temperature should not exceed 18 wasps. It is hard to achieve such conditions in modern apartments, but there are ways to deceive flower – face pot ice or snow, water and spray from the fridge. Buying azalea in shop, think whether you will be able to create it similar conditions.

2. Buy azalea which has begun blossoming and in stock still set of small buds recently. Do not replace plant at once, wait for the end of blossoming when the plant enters condition of rest. At change take new pot, much more bigger by the size. As the main part of roots at azalea is in top soil, the low, but wide pot perfectly will approach. Buy soil in shop as the azalea loves the sour soil, and in house conditions to prepare it it is difficult. Before change surely remove zavyadshy buds and brown leaves. In month you prishchipnit tops of escapes, do the same three times before blossoming. Replace young plant every year, and mature plants – every three years.

3. The azalea does not transfer the dry soil therefore it is necessary to water it not less than three times a week and if in the house hot - every day. Water has to be otstoyanny or thawed, surely cold. For spraying it is better to take distsilirovanny water that on beautiful leaves there were no white spots. Do not touch the blossoming buds when spraying. After watering do fertilizing once in two weeks in the evening. For this purpose buy fertilizers with special podkislitel for the soil. Flowers which have already faded need to be unscrewed accurately that the azalea did not spend force for maturing of seeds. In the period of laying of kidneys reduce watering a little.

4. During blossoming of azalea the good lighting is necessary. For this purpose well southeast and southwest windowsills will approach, far away from electric heaters and are closer to window frame. During dormant period which usually comes at the end of March take out azalea on balcony, place in the shady place or prikopayta pot in garden where there are no direct beams of the sun. Fortunately, the azalea perfectly transfers drafts. And here she is afraid of web tick, gray decay and spottiness. To prevent fungal diseases, process flower of 1% the Bordeaux liquid. At the correct leaving the azalea by all means will paint life with the bright paints and will please in flowers in the cold winter.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team