How to look after brugmansiya

How to look after brugmansiya

Exotic brugmansiya - the bright representative of family of nightshade family. In the wild nature it grows in the southern tropics of the Latin American region: Brazil, Peru, Argentina, West Indies, Ecuador, Chile. In the rest of the world it is grown up mainly as kadochny ornamental plant. At first sight it is very difficult to grow up such beauty at itself in garden, however actually it far not so. At the correct approach this unusual treelike bush easily takes root and very quickly expands, pleasing the owners with incredibly beautiful and magnificent blossoming.

According to experienced flower growers, successful cultivation of brugmansiya in many respects depends on the correct leaving. Because this plant is extremely thermophilic, for the winter it needs to be moved to the warm, heated room surely. In the summer unique ekzot it is possible to cultivate in the open ground, however when choosing the place it is necessary to remember that this treelike bush prefers the solar and well lit sites with very fertile, loamy soil.

To receive the beautiful blossoming tree, in the summer the plant needs to be watered and sprayed regularly. At the shortage of moisture the leaves at brugmansiya begin to wither and fall down quickly. It is the best of all to spray magnificent krone in the evening after sunset. In the second half of summer the watering can be reduced significantly as at this time the intensive growth of plant strongly slows down. 

During active growth the nutritious elements need to be brought as often as possible. From May to August the tropical brugmansiya is fertilized by each 7-10 days. During budding and blossoming the number of fertilizing is desirable to increase up to 2-3 times a week. During the spring period for forming of magnificent foliage it is the best of all to use complex mineral fertilizers for deciduous plants. During blossoming preference should be given to liquid structures on the basis of phosphorus and potassium. At lack of the soil of nitrogen the plant strongly slows down the growth, there is pronounced lighting of sheet plate which can lead to noticeable deformation of all bush subsequently.

The aboriginal of tropical forests does not take out even the most light frosts therefore when air temperature falls below +10 °C, the plant is transferred under canopy or to open verandah for intermediate adaptation. Of the open ground the brugmansiya is dug out very carefully as at excavation it is impossible to allow damages of root system. If the gentle plant has slightly frozen slightly, then it can try to be saved, having accurately removed the damaged branches and leaves. 

During winter time the tropical beauty not below +15 °C are recommended to move in the light room with air temperature. Under such circumstances the plant completely keeps the leaves and some time continues is abundant to blossom. If to place brugmansiya in more dark and cool place, then it can dump partially or completely the foliage. In this case you should not be frightened: the plant has not died, it has just fallen into hibernation. With approach of spring and moving to lighter and warm space, the brugmansiya will very quickly recover and completely will restore the delightful green cover. In the period of winter rest the plant is watered infrequently. It is necessary to keep only light moisture content of the soil. It is regularly desirable to carry out spraying, especially if the brugmansiya has not dumped the foliage.

The exotic bush does not need frequent cutting. Removal of the old damaged branches and leaves is made regularly in process of growth. To create beautiful bush, young escapes shorten only in the early spring. It is recommended to cut off healthy branches no more than for 30%.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team