How to look after cabbage in August

How to look after cabbage in August

Early cabbage gradually leaves kitchen garden. And mid-season and late grades still should linger on beds to the late fall. August - is a high time to help cabbage to save up the weight, useful substances and vitamins with which it is so rich.

In August the mid-season (pickling) grades already well wind the heads of cabbage. Late (lezhky) grades have created the necessary sheet socket, and just now they should switch to forming of heads of cabbage. During this period the cabbage does not need high doses of nitrogenous fertilizers. And here phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium - those substances which will help to twirl strong juicy head of cabbage. What help is necessary for cabbage in August?


Cabbage - water bread. It is always exacting to moisture in the soil. Because of big leaves under plants the earth always dry. And even rains sometimes cannot approach roots and drench the soil. Therefore it is necessary to water cabbage that growth of heads of cabbage did not stop. It is better not to apply very cold water to watering. Cabbage of it does not love.


If when planting seedling the soil has not been well filled with power supply or cabbage lags behind in development, then she should be fed up. Dry fertilizer (1 tablespoon to nitrophoska, 1 tablespoon of superphosphate, 1 tablespoon of sulfate of potassium) is mixed and scattered between rows on 1 sq.m. It is more preferable to introduce fertilizers on the damp earth. Then it is necessary to podrykhlit that fertilizers were underground and did not lie on surface.

Late grades it is possible to feed up also on leaves magnesium sulfate (15 g on 10 l, on 10 sq.m) which is necessary for power supply of the grades intended for long storage.

Earthing up

Podgrebany soils to the basis of plants to the lower leaves promotes growth of new additional roots. Young roots are additional power supply and the best stability on root of heads of cabbage, heavy on weight.


The main enemies of cabbage are: plant louses, caterpillars and slugs. If at the end of summer of plant louse not really annoy, then caterpillars and slugs can destroy and spoil all harvest at the moment. Survey of cabbage plants will help to prevent strong defeats from them. So, the first 5... 6 days it is possible to fight against the young caterpillars eating the top leaves easily (manual collecting, tobacco dust, infusions of herbs). Extreme measures - use of ""chemistry"". But then will be not to get them, caterpillars will creep away deep into heads of cabbage. It is possible to destroy gluttonous ""youth"", having processed cabbage of 0.3% solution of extract of superphosphate and potassium chloride. It will help to get rid of wreckers and at the same time will feed up cabbage.

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