How to look after evergreen trees

How to look after evergreen trees

Coniferous trees are loved by many land owners for constancy of green coloring. The value of evergreen cultures in gardening of the site can be appreciated in the winter. They are various, unpretentious in leaving, are not especially susceptible to wreckers and diseases.

Preparation of the soil

The most part of evergreen trees best of all feels in so-so rich moisture capacious soil in partially shaded sites of garden. Sunlight is most of all necessary for pines (Pinus) and larches (Larix), the shadow is loved by yews (Taxus), the Canadian hemlocks (Tsuga) and fir-trees (Picea). The soil with the pH 5.0-6.5 level is suitable for all coniferous trees.

The main thing at care for coniferous trees – carefully and correctly to improve the soil. In the absence of fertilizer, the correct watering and due preparation of the soil the tree about 1.5 m high can die for the second day of life, having exhausted from the shortage of nutrients.

If the main soil layer is infertile sand, the earth will need to be improved at least on depth of 60-100 cm and 100 cm in the diameter around sapling. To prevent rinsing of fertile soil, it is possible to spread under it layer of clay or geotextiles. For improvement of clay soil will be to bring 40-60 cm of the peaty chernozem enough. When landing coniferous groups it is reasonable to improve the soil on all bed. Creating green hedge from evergreen trees, it is necessary to dig trench and also to fill it with fertile soil. In well paved way of plant will quicker develop, and care for them will demand a few efforts.

Change of container saplings

Container saplings can be planted during all vegetative period, the earth will not freeze yet. Their root lump is rather compact not to be damaged during change. Gymnospermous it is desirable to plant saplings in the spring before kidneys were dismissed. Ideal time – the first half of May or from the middle of August to the second half of September. It is important that the replaced tree has managed to adapt on the constant place before dormant period. Coniferous trees should be planted on such depth at what they were in containers. The thuja can be planted more deeply as it takes root and from trunk.

Basic care

In the first year the plant planted in the improved soil does not need additional fertilizer – it is necessary to provide it the normal level of moisture only. Coniferous trees hardly transfer long droughts. The optimum level of humidity will help to provide mulch layer. In the spring after thawing of snow and resumption of vegetation it is necessary to introduce the fertilizer which is specially intended for coniferous. These are, as a rule, slowly dissolved granules containing micro and macrocells for health and growth of plant. Such mineral fertilizers work and are dissolved gradually – for 3-6 months. It is necessary to scatter granules around roots of tree and to close up slightly to the soil. Also coniferous it is possible to fertilize the dissolved fertilizers of fast action by watering of needles. Such fertilizer is dissolved, at the same time its concentration should not exceed 0.5-1%. Plants before fertilizer have to be watered. Also care for coniferous plants includes removal of the deadened needles and trimming of dry branches. At the expense of it circulation of oxygen in krone improves.

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