How to look after ficus

How to look after ficus

Care for ficus is need correctly and in due time to carry out certain rules.

1.   Placement of ficus in the apartment

It is very important not good to look after ficus, but first of all it is correct to place it in the apartment. Ficuses do not suffer frequent movements, they quite often become etiology of plants. The neighbourhood of ficuses with drafts and direct sunshine is inadmissible. However as exception the ficuses can be moved on fresh air, such walks well affect the general condition of plant.

2.   Lighting rasteniyaochen significant for ficus is quality of sunshine which fall on its big fleshy leaves. For plant diffused light, or artificial shading is optimum. Whenever possible it is worth providing to ficus contact with morning beams of the sun and at the same time to facet from midday. 3.   Temperature rezhimdlya those who want to look after correctly ficus the air temperature which has to be enough, but at the same time not excessively high (no more than 25 degrees Celsius) has to become the main question. However some types of ficuses, for example, poecilophyllous, need less heat, they can be grown up and multiplied at temperature of 10 degrees Celsius. Ficuses transfer cool, than drafts and temperature drops easier. It occurs because temperature fluctuations lead the soil to temperature change that is pernicious practically for all types of ficuses.4.   The feature should polivapolivat plant according to his specific features, for example, the large ficus needs more moisture, than small. But all ficuses very hard transfer dryness of air for this reason it is necessary to spray plant krone several times a day. 5.   Reproduction fikusovdlya that to multiply ficus, is optimum way use of shanks. For this purpose it is necessary to cut off branch of healthy plant during the spring period and to put it to the soil, optimum for ficus. However this plant has such feature as allocation of special milk which is viscous and sticky. In order that rooting of shank has taken place quicker, it is necessary to put right after cut it in warm water. 

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