How to look after for kalamondiny

How to look after for kalamondiny

Kalamondin – beautiful evergreen plant with the yellow-orange fruits very similar to tangerines. Kalamondin belongs to family of rutic and is hybrid of tangerine and cumquat. Fruits of this plant have bitterish and sour taste, but are quite edible.


1. First of all the plant which has appeared in house conditions needs to be replaced. In general kalamondin it is accepted to replace every year in the pot exceeding previous on volume. Put capacity with plant in well lit place protected from direct sunshine and maintain continuous temperature of air on mark in +22-25os in the summer and +15os in the winter. Temperature reduction in cold season will provide abundant blossoming and fructification in the future.

2. Kalamondin – plant hygrophilous. Therefore it is necessary to water it regularly as soon as you notice that the top soil has slightly dried up. It is required and to spray plant and if you notice what just acquired kalamondin dumps leaves, it is recommended to wrap up it with plastic bag and once a day to open for airing. Drafts are strictly contraindicated to tree. With arrival of spring and till fall fertilize plant once in 7-14 days extra root fertilizers for citrus, spraying them on krone of kalamondin.

3. It can have tree of kalamondin still small, but root system rather developed and branched out. Therefore annually in March the plant is replaced, not strongly destroying earth lump, in the mix consisting of the cespitose earth, sand and the rerotting manure in proportion 2:1:1. Do not forget and about good drainage – its layer has to be not less than 2 cm. In spring time it is possible to cut off all young escapes from krone – so you will achieve more abundant blossoming. As soon as the plant enough grows and will begin to fructify, need for annual change will disappear: once in 2-3 years will enough do it.

4. It is impossible to turn and rearrange tree at all during blossoming and fructification as in this case flowers or fruits will fall down. For symmetric forming of krone it is necessary to move plant literally on 1 mm a day. It is very difficult to make multiple copies kalamondin. The few shanks give roots: the majority vanishes and if to put sunflower seed, then for receiving fruits it is necessary to wait not one year. If there is a strong wish to receive shanks, then it is necessary to prepare at least friable substrate and to provide air temperature ranging from +23 to +25os. Phytohormones are obligatory to application.

5. If kalamondin dumps flowers, leaves and fruits, to it can be too hot. If you long time cannot wait for blossoming, try to replace plant in pot, bigger on volume, and to rearrange it to other place - there where there is more light. If leaves on tree turn yellow, then, most likely, it is all about bad drainage.

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