How to look after for streptokartusy

How to look after for streptokartusy

Streptokarpus needs to provide air temperature ranging from +25 up to +27 °C and regular watering. The pot for flower has to be wide and low, and water for spraying distilled or boiled.


1. Streptokarpus – plant of family gesneriyevy. The last includes all the known violets and gloxinias. Streptokarpus it is very beautiful and abundant blossoms: on one bush it is possible to observe up to 100 flowers in the form of hand bell with various and numerous coloring. And how to look after for streptokarpusy?

2. Streptokarpusa are very thermophilic and photophilous. For normal development of flower the air temperature has to fluctuate ranging from +25 up to +27 °C, and duration of daylight has to be 14 hours a day. However on sunny side plant you should not have as direct beams can be pernicious for it. Streptokarpus not bad feels also at artificial lighting, but in this case it is desirable to combine two lamps: daylight and phytolamp.

3. With the onset of cold weather at flower the period of dormant and rest begins. Air temperature needs to be reduced to +15 °C, is not necessary also often and it is abundant it to water. As for lighting, it comes down till 8 o'clock in day. In summertime streptokarpus demands abundant watering. However excess watering can lead to rotting of roots, and here overdrying has not so pernicious effect on condition of this flower. Well otstoyanny, soft water will be suitable for moistening of the soil, and it is necessary to spray streptokarpus with the distilled or boiled water and to do it for the night.

4. Streptokarpus "will answer" you with abundant growth at frequent changes. The fact is that at this plant the root system which quickly extends to all volume of soil is well developed. Therefore as pot for flower it is better to choose wide low capacity and it is obligatory to arrange qualitative drainage. For adult plant the capacity which diameter is 14-15 cm is recommended. As pochvosmesa friable, air-permeable substrate will approach. Optimal variant will be to connect two parts of the clay and sheet earth and by one part of peat, sheet humus and coarse bank sand.

5. Plant it is regularly necessary to feed up the fertilizers rich with nitrogen. It is necessary for blossoming and growth of foliage, however, as well as phosphorus. Make multiple copies streptokarpus shanks, seeds, division of bush and by method of pinning. It is the best of all to replace sheet shanks in the spring – it is so possible to receive several points of growth quickly. In process of increase in height of flower the same manipulations, as with adult plant are carried out. By the way, old sheets need to be deleted in due time to stimulate education new and abundant blossoming. Correctly taking care of the flower, it is possible to prevent development of diseases and appearance of wreckers and also to enjoy its motley terry leaves and magnificent flowers of the most various shades and forms.

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