How to look after fruit-trees

How to look after fruit-trees

As it is pleasant to leave in the fresh summer morning in the garden which is grown up own to hands and to break juicy fruits of berries and fruit. The garden with fruit-trees is living organism therefore each experienced gardener has to know wreckers by sight and conduct active fight against them.

It is required to you

  • - manure or peat;
  • - bird's dung;
  • - rake;
  • - organic fertilizers;
  • - props.


1. Before approach of spring surely rub trunks of fruit-trees with lime milk. White color is capable to reflect sunshine therefore helps to avoid overheating during intensive blaze of the sun and also sharp falling of night time temperature. Fill up moisture protective circle with the dry soil, peat, compost or the remains of plants in the spring, it will interfere with fast evaporation of moisture.

2. It is abundant and carefully water fruit-trees during vegetation, especially during the droughty periods. To water with small amount of water, but it is frequent – is useless as moisture will not manage to reach roots, and will only be late in surface layer of the soil on which the crust is formed further. Prior to blossoming put around tree solomisty manure or peat layer five-ten centimeters.

3. After rain and in the course of vegetation it is necessary to loosen several times the soil around fruit-tree. It is necessary to do it during the period from May to July when there is formation of new escapes and fruits. In August and September try not to disturb the earth, it will provide good maturing of fruits and their coloring.

4. Organic fertilizers form the basis for fertilizing of fruit-trees, as a rule, use well kompostirovanny or packed manure for these purposes. You introduce fertilizer on all area of cultivation under fruit-trees in the fall on depth of ten-fifteen centimeters. Easy soils should be fertilized once a year, and heavy – once in three years. Instead of manure it is possible to use compost, apply also dry bird's dung at the rate of 100 grams on one square meter.

5. The best protection against wreckers and diseases of fruit-trees – prevention. If to create to plants excellent conditions and it is correct to look after them, there will be no special efforts. You can attract as assistants to birds. For this purpose establish in garden of feeding trough and birdhouses, fill them with forage. It is good if birds remove in garden of baby birds.

6. Pay attention to forming of krone of fruit-trees as skeletal branches depart from trunk at an acute angle. Such branches even at modest harvest are doomed to further break. The most widespread and simple method of prevention of breakage of branches is to establish props, it becomes during this period when the sizes of fruits have reached some walnut. That the prop has not damaged tree bark, upholster it with rubber inside.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team