How to look after garden trees in the fall

How to look after garden trees in the fall

Work in garden consists in preparation of garden trees for wintering in the fall. The correct processing will help trees to endure winter frosts and to please with harvest next year. Care for garden trees includes in the fall: cutting, processing from diseases, protection against wreckers and rodents, fertilizing and whitewashing.


  • Cutting of garden trees
  • Whitewashing of trees
  • Protection against wreckers and rodents
  • Fertilizing
  • Watering of trees

Cutting of garden trees

When all foliage has fallen down and prior to the beginning of the first frosts carry out cutting of garden trees. At first the dry, sick and damaged branches delete all, then those which create thickness grow in krone and prevent to reap crop.

If trees were not cut off for many years, then cutting is made in several stages. Too active cutting can lead to death of tree.

Annual saplings do not cut off. Trees begin to cut off for 2-3 year after landing for forming of krone.

Surely delete the fattening, not fructifying escapes with big leaves which hamper the growth of tree and take away nutrients.

After cutting all branches are processed by the garden thief who it is necessary to apply after each removal of escapes. Sadovyi var prepare from 200 g of beeswax, 100 g of rosin and 100 g of unsalted fat. Before application var warm.

In the absence of var, it can be replaced with plasticine or paint.

Whitewashing of trees

Whitewashing of trees helps not only to struggle with wreckers in the fall, protects from diseases and sunshine, also keeps tree from hard frosts and temperature drops.

It is better to bleach young trees chalk and to cover not only trunk, but also skeletal branches.

Before whitewashing the trees clear of moss and lichens, remove with hands old bark. Thickness of whitewashing has to be not less than 2-3 mm. Solution for whitewashing can be bought in shop or to prepare independently. Solution consists of 10 l of water, 2 kg of lime and 200 g of copper vitriol. It is possible to add 1 kg of clay and straw for density. The clay talker who will remain long on tree will turn out.

Protection against wreckers and rodents

Surely remove the fallen-down foliage and fruits garden. Clean trees from old bark in which there can be slots and larvae of wreckers. Around trees do deep redigging of the soil.

All trees spray 5% with solution of urea and insecticides, against plant louse, silkworm and listovertka.

For prevention of diseases the spraying by medicines which contain copper will help.

For protection against rodents use wire mesh guards, roofing material, fir-tree or pine branches. Under roofing material it is necessary to enclose rags or burlap to avoid overheating of tree. It the ukutyvaniye will help to endure to trees winter frosts.


Fertilizing strengthens trees in the fall and helps to endure frosts. Fertilizers bring in October and deeply dig over the soil.

Fruit-trees need potassium-phosphorus fertilizers in the fall. It is necessary to bring 300 g of superphosphate and sulfate of potassium under each tree. It is better to introduce these fertilizers in the liquid state, so quicker there is assimilation by roots.

It is also necessary to bring humus, young trees need about 30 kg, adult – 50 kg.

Use of complex mineral fertilizers facilitates care for trees. Separate types such fertilizers are specially intended for autumn fertilizing and contain necessary amount of vitamins and microelements.

Watering of trees

It is necessary to water trees in the fall only if there was not enough precipitation in the summer. Excessive moisture can lead to the excess growth of branches, cracks on bark and to decrease in resilience to frosts.

In other cases, the last watering is made no later than October and makes not less than 4 buckets on 1 sq.m.

After watering make redigging and loosening.

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