How to look after gardenia

How to look after gardenia

The gardenia has gained great popularity among flower growers, thanks to saturated green foliage and unusually beautiful terry buds. On the aroma and beauty of blossoming the gardenia competes with rose. That this house plant was pleasing to your eye magnificent buds, it is necessary to provide it the correct and timely care.


1. After purchase of gardenia you do not hurry to replace at once it in other pot, let's flower adapt on the new place within two-three weeks. Transportation and change of situation can lead plant to stress. After this time accurately move flower together with the soil to other pot, slightly large diameter. The earth for gardenia has to be easy and feeder, do not forget about drainage from beaten brick, crushed stone or haydite. You can use special soil mix for cultivation of azalea.

2. Do not replace the blossoming gardenia, wait when all flowers osypitsya. Put pot on the southern or western window, the plant has to receive a lot of light. If windows of your apartment come not to sunny side, then it is possible to use the daylight lamp. Consider that hit of direct sunshine can result in pallor of leaves, burns. Air in the room should not be too dry, especially during blossoming. The gardenia needs frequent sprayings by soft and warm water. At emergence of buds it is recommended to spray only surrounding air as water droplets can cause formation of brown spots on flowers.

3. After the end of blossoming make cutting of escapes on two thirds or half infilling and cut off weak stalks. The cut-off escapes can be used safely for further reproduction. Optimum air temperature at cultivation of gardenia in the winter – 16-22os, try not to allow sharp change of temperatures. In the summer the pot with plant can be taken out on balcony or the site.

4. In warm season the gardenia needs frequent waterings, it is necessary to reduce soil moisture a little in the winter. Stagnation of water, as well as redrying of earth lump, will not bring benefit to your green favourite. Once in two weeks feed up flower, alternating organic fertilizers to mineral. Already adult plant it is recommended to feed up more often – once a week (fertilizers with lime content). When forming buds do not overturn pot at all.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team