How to look after grapes in midland

How to look after grapes in midland

Grapes – berry southern and thermophilic, however it does not mean at all that it cannot be grown up in more northern latitudes. However for this purpose, certainly, some knowledge is necessary, we will tell how to look after grapes in our latitudes.

First of all it is necessary to choose the right place for landings grapes. First, this place has to be solar as grapes even in midland love heat and the sun. Secondly, it is necessary to pave the way for grapes. On the sour soil, grapes do not take root therefore it is necessary to reduce acidity indicator to neutral by addition in it special deoxidants (even the small shift of balance towards alkalinity is admissible). Grapes also badly transfer the salty soil therefore the majority of mineral fertilizers are not suitable for it because of the high content of salt.

Grapes with great difficulty get on with weeds therefore the soil needs to be cleared of them extremely carefully. Besides, it badly transfers the neighbourhood of solanaceous cultures that also should be considered when choosing the place for its landing.

To provide grapes with the maximum heat, there are various receptions and ways. They can be combined, and it is possible to manage only their part, depending on climate. One of the easiest ways – to land grapes about wall (as option – board) from which the sun will be reflected on escapes For protection against deep cold in the hole which is dug out under grapes it is possible to put layer of beaten brick, having covered it from above with scraps of boards. It is necessary to land grapes on the height to exclude flooding which can ruin it. Features of forming of bush of grapes is that its escapes are shortly cut off in the first year of growth. It is necessary to cut them for the winter very shortly, it provides the best growth and fructification for the next year. The most common forms of cutting of grape bush have arisen in the south and are inapplicable in our climate. In midland the cutting to stlantsevy form, that is with forming of horizontal form of bush is preferable. On lengthening of each rod leave on one escape, and not extreme escape on branch undertakes, and one of nearby – they are the strongest. During the summer it is also necessary to carry out regularly cutting of small escapes which will hamper the growth of the basic. The lower branches of bush, remaining on the earth, can take root, and then they will not have time for fructification. That to avoid it, under them enclose boards and other materials, without allowing contact with the earth. The escapes left for fructification tie up to support so that they did not block each other access to sunshine. In May and June grapes feed up liquid nitrogen. In the second half of summer the fertilizing is stopped to stop growth of escapes: young escapes will not worry winters and will prevent to ripen properly to the senior escapes. Since August, rods shorten that useful substances concentrated in roots, but not in new escapes. In October – November make radical shortening of bush. For the winter the bush should be covered with hay, sawdust, other materials which are well holding heat, and to cover from above with film. It is necessary to open bushes not earlier than May as possible late frosts are dangerous to grapes. Now you know, to look after properly grapes, and we wish you success in this difficult, but fascinating business. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team