How to look after home-made pepper

How to look after home-made pepper

Home-made pepper which is grown up in room conditions can become original decoration of kitchen windowsill. Compact, low and branchy grades with abundance of multi-colored fruits are especially appreciated. That the plant well fructified, it is necessary to exercise judgment in care for it, to create optimal conditions for cultivation.


1. Room pepper seeds which need to be wetted for germination in advance breeds. It is possible to sow them not only in the spring, but also towards the winter, in the fall. Before landing of pepper pave the nutritious way with addition of humus and compost. It is desirable to add also to structure the sifted bank sand, the top friable peat and the sheet earth. Sow seeds randomly, then powder them with small amount of soil mix. For the fifteenth day there are first shoots, prishchipnit tops of escapes that the plant was not extended strongly. As for sword-play, it is held usually in month after landing of sunflower seeds.

2. When seedling reaches five centimeters in height, replace it in separate pots, otherwise plants will be weak, will not be able well to fructify. Further it is necessary to replace pepper in soil by transfer method not to damage the root system of plants. Optimum temperature for cultivation of home-made pepper – 15-21os, is required to plant a lot of light.

3. During growth it is abundant water decorative pepper. If in the apartment it is enough hot, then it is possible to do it daily. Try not to allow dryings of the soil, especially if the pot costs on the solar place. Once a week during vegetation feed up home-made pepper liquid mineral fertilizers. At emergence of fruits of fertilizing stop. It is desirable to spray periodically plant with the settled water from spray from distance of fifteen centimeters.

4. Home-made pepper prefers to grow in the light place with airing. In the summer the pot with plant can be taken out in garden or on balcony (in the place protected from direct sunshine). Blossoming of pepper begins usually in May, during the summer season on bush new flowers reveal. Therefore it is possible to observe at the same time fruits of different coloring and maturity, flowers in the summer that only enhances decorative effect of pepper.

5. Room pepper is unpretentious in leaving, in the summer it needs fertilizing and abundant waterings. In the fall the pot with plant is brought to the room where late fruits on solar windowsill ripen. When fructification is finished, cut off plants on third, at the same time reduce waterings, but do not allow drying of the soil. In the spring put pots closer to light again and strongly feed up, then home-made pepper will start over again blossoming and fructifying. If you create favorable conditions for its development and growth, then pepper will be able to please you with the blossoming during the whole year.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team