How to look after houseplants

How to look after houseplants

Houseplants create microclimate in the dwelling and eyes please with the look. Here only they need leaving, otherwise they will die therefore it is necessary to know the basic rules thanks to which it will be possible to keep beauty and health of plants.


It is regularly very important to water houseplants, otherwise they will wither and will die. However it is worth remembering that each look needs certain mode therefore it is necessary to learn about its features. The watering frequency, how many amount of water which the person pours out in pot is not so important here. So, for example, its surplus often leads of plants as its roots just decay to death. It is possible to solve this problem acquisition of pot with saucer and small hole. Through it surplus of water will leave, and it will not spoil windowsill.


The plant will not blossom if it lacks nutrients which it takes from the soil. For this reason it is necessary to fertilize it. It is possible to find huge amount of various fertilizers in flower shop. It is possible to get something universal, but that which has been specially developed for this species of plant is better. Fertilizer will be required to be dissolved in water and to water with it flower from time to time. Here it is very important not to be overzealous as the plant can die.

It is important to remember that the soil in pot needs to be changed at least once a year. The earth on replacement can be taken from kitchen garden, but it is better to buy it in flower shop. In this case it will not be necessary to pour additional fertilizers as it will contain all necessary in optimum dosages. From the owner it will only be required to fill up the ready earth in pot and to water plant after change. If it has been taken from kitchen garden, then it will be necessary to add to it fertilizer. It is better to get them in flower shop, it is not recommended to use manure as the plant can ache and on it there can be midges of which it will be difficult to get rid subsequently.


Any plant needs light, some it is less, some more. It is very important to observe these recommendations, otherwise it will die. It is necessary to study requirements in advance for any given look that subsequently with plant there were no problems. Besides, it will be so simpler to find to it the optimum place on windowsill that to flower it was most comfortable.


It is important to know that all plants breathe by means of leaves therefore it is necessary to wipe them with damp rag from time to time. Such measure will not allow it to wither. Also it is recommended to sprinkle sometimes leaves water. For these purposes it is necessary to buy the sprinkler. This water procedure is especially relevant for those plants whose leaves constantly dry on tips. It means that they lack moisture as it is indoors too dry.

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