How to look after lawn

How to look after lawn

Beautiful lawn — the real decoration of garden. On it it is so pleasant to roll about and resemble barefoot. Against the background of emerald lawn the flower beds look just smartly. However, to achieve excellent result, it is necessary to look after carefully lawn, especially in the first year after landing.

It is required to you

  • - lawn-mower;
  • - lawn rake;
  • - aerator or garden pitchfork;
  • - complex fertilizers;
  • - herbicide.


1. Just put lawn demands regular watering, fertilizing and weeding. Water lawn in dry weather daily, without allowing overdrying of the soil. It is desirable to carry out watering in the evening as in night water will be absorbed to the soil and the root system of grass will acquire it if to do it in the afternoon, then the most part of water will evaporate. Besides, watering can lead to severe burn of shoots and, as a result, withering of grass in the afternoon. It has to be abundant, but it is not necessary to allow formation of pools as many herbs do not love stagnation of water and can begin to rot.

2. The young lawn needs frequent weedings. On gentle, thin grass it is necessary to go accurately barefoot not to damage plant. For removal of weeds use special devices which can be bought in garden shops. It is convenient to use also ordinary fork to delete weeds with long roots, such as sow-thistle or dandelion. In process of growth of grass it begins to force out weeds, and the number of weedings will be reduced.

3. Processing of lawn herbicides of selective action also can help with fight against weeds. These medicines suppress growth of many weed plants.

4. Regularly cut lawn. At the first hairstyle install the lawn-mower on maximum height, in process of strengthening of the turf it is possible to cut more low at the level of 5 cm from the soil. You carry out hairstyle to clear weather when both grass and the soil dry. Following it is recommended to carry out on diagonal or across the direction of the previous bevelling of grass on lawn.

5. After hairstyle water lawn. This reception will improve growth of grass. For strengthening of grass sods on lawn regularly you carry out fertilizing. It is necessary to do it once in 2-3 weeks during the entire period of growth.

6. Use the complex fertilizers containing potassium, phosphorus, zinc, nitrogen, magnesium and calcium. Scatter medicine in granules evenly on surface of lawn and it is abundant water. Fertilizing promotes growth of grass and forming of the strong turf, thus, your lawn will remain long time beautiful and resistant to weeds and diseases.

7. It is required to carry out cleaning with lawn rake in the spring. Rake up all garbage and dry grass. Then weed, digging out weed plants with roots. After that carry out aeration, puncture top layer of lawn with special adaptation — the aerator or normal pitchfork on depth of 10-15 cm. Also for this purpose the producers offer special boots with thorns on sole, put on them boots and pass on lawn, however, to do it quite hard, especially if the soil damp. The procedure of aeration promotes the best access of water, nutrients and air to roots. After that fill up lawn with mix of sheet humus and clean coarse-grained sand.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team