How to look after obriyety

How to look after obriyety

Obriyeta - the perennial blossoming plant which is popular with the summer residents seeking to create the atmosphere of the fairy tale on the sites. One of the main advantages of this flower - ability to extend quickly across the set territory. Besides, the obriyet can grow not only on horizontal, but also vertical surfaces.


1. The first what it is necessary to pay attention to is control of moisture. The fact is that exterior of this plant directly depends on quantity and the frequency of waterings. If there will be too much moisture, then green material, but not blossoming more will increase.

2. Seeds of obriyeta sow to the open ground and cover with film for several weeks. It is better to carry out landing of this plant in the spring or in the fall. Obriyeta almost equally grows on any soil, however places should be chosen the most lit.

3. In spite of the fact that obriyet is perennial plant, it is recommended to carry out additional crops of new seeds annually. Thanks to such actions the plant will look more magnificent.

4. It is remarkable that the young obriyeta practically does not react to weather patterns. Plants do not even freeze slightly during the winter periods. However than the flower becomes more senior, especially whimsically it begins to react to frosts and rains.

5. Obriyeta blossoms small florets. There are more than ten of its versions. The plant mainly two times a year - in the spring and blossoms in the fall. The second blossoming most often continues to the first snowfall. Before the onset of cold weather the obriyet is recommended to fill up with dry leaves that frosts have not damaged roots.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team