How to look after peonies after blossoming

How to look after peonies after blossoming

Important point in preservation of plant and increase in blossoming is the correct leaving after the plant has faded. Therefore within 2 months after blossoming, the plant needs to be restored and be prepared for winter season.

It is very important to look after peonies after blossoming because their blossoming for the next season depends on the correct leaving, since the middle of summer.

Very first - it is necessary to remove all inflorescences which have faded and have dried up. To clean the soil around peonies, to collect all flowers and lobes, otherwise they can provoke various diseases at flower.


If weather in the second half of summer is observed dry, then it is necessary to watch the soil that it always was damp in order that in the next season the blossoming was good. The shortage of moisture will provoke forming of weak kidneys, and blossoming for the next season will be sluggish or to be absent in general. It is necessary to water once in 7-10 days, since the second half of July until the beginning of September.


Bushes of peony it is possible to feed up after landing, during blossoming. It is especially important to do it after plants have faded. Both mineral fertilizers, and organic will approach. But it is necessary to consider also that you should not overfeed plant too. In June-July it is necessary to feed up mullein solution. Fertilizer should be introduced under bush at distance 10-15 cm.

In August it is necessary to feed up complex fertilizers at the heart of which there will be potassium and phosphorus. They need also to be brought under bush in a dry form, it is abundant to water and powder with the earth. 

In July-August in addition it is necessary to feed up microelements. For this purpose it is possible to take any tablets with microelements, to part in water according to the instruction and to add a little laundry detergent - it is necessary in order that solution has stuck to plant leaves. And properly to spray bush from all directions.

Mulching and scarification

After rain expects to fall or fertilizing will be made, it is necessary to prorykhlit the soil around bush and to remove weeds.

It is possible to mulch the soil around bush, only in this case use of peat because peonies badly grow in the peat earth is not desirable. 

Prevention of diseases

After peonies have faded, bushes, for the purpose of prevention, it is necessary to spray with any medicines of copper that the plant has not undergone fungal diseases.

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