How to look after royal geranium

How to look after royal geranium

Royal geranium, or geranium, unlike the ordinary relative, really, the regal person. Knowing number of features of care for plant, it is not so difficult to achieve from it abundant blossoming.

Vegetation and landing

The royal geranium vegetativno breeds. The best time for this purpose is the end of summer – early autumn. For reproduction the shank with 2-3 interstices from stalk top is cut off, the cut needs to be powdered with coal powder. As soon as the cut dries up, shanks are located in the moistened sand. Unlike the ordinary relatives, the geranium royal does not take out the room of the shanks in bank – it will simply decay there. After rooting of shanks in sand, the geranium changes in pot with good drainage.

Further it is necessary to replace royal geranium in the spring, but it is not necessary to do this every year. When roots of plant appear in drainage hole - it is the sign that it is time to carry out change.

For change the new pot is taken not much more previous as the geranium royal, as well as all other geraniums, blossoms in close vessel better.

Basic principles of leaving

The geranium blossoms in odourless large beautiful flowers since the beginning of spring to the middle of summer. But also such rather short blossoming it is necessary to deserve good, correct leaving. The geranium royal very much loves the sun, but during strong heat it it is necessary pritenyat. If the normal geranium loves summer vacation on the balcony and in garden, then the whimsical queen does not take out rain and wind. In the winter she suffers from lack of light therefore she is strongly extended up. For formation of beautiful bush it is necessary to carry out the forming cutting in the spring. In winter and night time the geranium prefers temperature about 15 wasps.

It is especially important to bring closer temperature condition of rest to ideal as at such temperature the royal geranium has well a rest and puts future buds.

From March to September it is necessary to water plant actively, and during dormant period the poor watering is preferable. It is impossible to allow overwettings of the soil at all – the royal geranium can ache from it. But also she does not love long drying of the earth too. It is necessary to water plant with otstoyanny water of room temperature, and it is even better boiled in pallet – so the flower takes only amount of moisture necessary for it, and the soil from above remains soft and friable. It is necessary to fertilize royal geranium only during active growth and blossoming each two weeks, using special fertilizer for geraniums. It does not need constant spraying, it well transfers dryness of air, but during heat will be grateful to periodic irrigation. At observance of simple rules of leaving the royal geranium will surely please in multi-colored fluffy flowers. Besides the geranium as assures the doctrine feng shui, positively influences the person, allocates it with commitment, sociability and friendliness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team